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Member since: Tue Jan 10, 2017, 07:24 PM
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Proves the point of the book, doesn't it

Posted by disalitervisum | Sat Jan 6, 2018, 12:51 AM (2 replies)

The tactics of Roy Cohn are exactly the same as trump, libertarians, and all radical conservatives

The following are quotes from the book "Dark Money," by Jane Mayer. The quotes cover two separate instances in the method of libertarian, trumpian, and conservative attacks.

"The man who put his mark on the Olin foundation...was its executive director,Mark Joyce...Joyce was a true radical, inspired by Antonio Gramsci...he wanted to effect radical transformation. 'My style (Joyce said) was the style of the toddler and the adolescent: fight, fight, fight, rest, get up, fight, fight, fight. No one ever accused me of being pleasant. I made a difference. It was acknowledged by friend and foe.' " (page 125)

"In looking back many years later, O'Connell said she regarded the Kochs as dangerous, and still felt uncomfortable talking about them...she recalled, they tried to attack my reputation (while working as an attorney on a case against them brought by the EPA)...they lie about everything, and they get away with it because they're a private company. They obstructed every step of discovery. It was always, 'I didn't do it, it's not our oil, it's not our pipes.' You can't believe anything they say. They definitely don't play the game the way other companies do." (page 155)

Posted by disalitervisum | Fri Jan 5, 2018, 11:58 PM (0 replies)

Another "Russia"connection, subtle, yet telling

How many Americans are afraid of being poisoned, or even think about it?
Posted by disalitervisum | Thu Jan 4, 2018, 12:05 AM (0 replies)

Trump eats McDonald's food because he is afraid of being poisoned

Poison is a particular method of assassination preferred by operatives of the Soviet Union.

(of course, some may maintain that eating McDonald's food is a form of self-poisoning)
Posted by disalitervisum | Wed Jan 3, 2018, 11:34 PM (24 replies)

Thanks to Captain Kelly for his message

which describes the doctrine of nuclear weapons handling with complete and irrevocable accuracy. I was trained in the use of shipboard nuclear weapons in the navy, and there is no shipboard evolution that is more serious in its execution. I was so stunned upon hearing of trump's gravely irresponsible comment that I had trouble even comprehending its existence.
Posted by disalitervisum | Wed Jan 3, 2018, 06:28 PM (0 replies)

Kobach isn't the leader, he's just the tool being used by the Libertarian threat to America

organized and funded by the Kock brothers. Wichita, Kansas is the de facto capital of the United States.
Posted by disalitervisum | Tue Jan 2, 2018, 05:34 PM (0 replies)
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