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Member since: Tue Jan 10, 2017, 03:45 PM
Number of posts: 1,754

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is this the same flynn who said that anyone who asks for immunity , has something to hide ???

he must have a lot to hide .hypocryte .

found this gem on youtube.

this video dosent belong to me but the creator who is soley responsable for its content.

how many of you feel that he who shall not be named is wagging the dog is

distreacting us from russia. n. korea and maybe even china.

anyone remember a novelty record from the 70s' called " the nixorcisim"?

wonder if it applys in the current situation?

ps: dr. demento sent me here .

this is what i was afraid of

since the rs have no new solutions to offer , they dismantle evrything that came before. i hope either trump leaves at the end of the year or we have no republic. . heaven forbid

happy pre vallentines day to mrrow everyone :) :) :) :)

this is beginnig to sound like the evil mad baron from dune .

where is moadebe when we need him . plese wake me up when its over

whomever sent me a vallentine , thank you

woke around 0130 wanted sometning fun to lsiten to. bubbles in the wine . welk theme

raining quite hard in the motherlode region of ca. have a good day everyone .

groan, the stupidity gets deeper and deeper

i have had it with the so and so.
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