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Member since: Tue Jan 10, 2017, 03:45 PM
Number of posts: 1,741

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anyone see the lovely full moon last nite . this morning?

howell. have a great day everyone.

found this on facebook. thence via huffpost and on youtube

an ad for ancestry dot com. i found it compelling

happy fourth of july and yes i am

i am semi ashamed to be an american

reason wy i am semi ashamed . 1: the current duffus in office .2: i am proud of the freedom warriors of standing rock who totally did a non violent action against a cormperation and our government also exercising their right to free speach and are being treated like terrorists and criminals. when is our government going to learn that the indian nattions are seperate entities as recogized by the u. and by treaty? 3: i am also proud of the folk who formed the resistantce .

$ : i am also proud on people who are giving the middle finger to corperate america and the government on all levels to solve their own problems , lke the one fellow in new york who goes around drawing a part of male anatomy sourrounding pot holes

found this on youtube : im a #$%&*()

the video dosent belong to me.

as of yesterday, courts have quashed the faa required drone registration

learned this through this video.

will the faa apeal?
faa is reviewing the decision.

welcome back

ghad im getting older .

drumph is treating this country like a business.

this country isnt a business,

went shopping to day.

was chatting w a customer who said this " did you notice that the prices are high here .? " they are trying to get rid of donald trump. hes my hero the lady said . i just rolled my eyes .

a series of moderate earthquakes strike skagway alaska

been following this trend of earthquakes in alaska the last several days. there have been 2 mag 6s.
story follows at link.


stay safe up there .

found this whilst pooking throough youtube. when we have a flying car

that holds five and can fold down into a briefcase at the end of commute , ill buy it. (this is a hand crafted airplane that a fellow in eastern eastern europe to cut his commute time in half)
i do not own this video and some of the activities would get us busted in the usa. otherwise a hand crafted airplane is wonderful.
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