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Member since: Mon Jan 9, 2017, 04:35 PM
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My 88 year old mother just told me her own personal "me too" story

I'm still in shock. Without going into detail, she was in high school at the time and it was a prominent person in her small town that attempted to have his way with her. He was her boss at the time. She never told her parents. The only person she ever talked to about it was her friend, and the only reason it came up was because her friend warned her several days later that it had happened to her too.

At one point she said she had to hold on for dear life while he attempted to pull her out of a car! When I asked her why she never told anyone, she said she didn't think it would matter because nothing actually happened, totally ignoring the fact that something had happened! She had been physically assaulted whether there had been sex or not.

I never knew this had happened to my mother. I am totally pissed. It's a good thing the perpetrator has long passed away or I'd be in the car right now heading his way.

I'm calling my local Democratic headquarters today to volunteer

I want to help. I'll canvass, drive people to the polls, whatever. This crap has got to stop.
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