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Member since: Sat Jan 7, 2017, 02:19 AM
Number of posts: 10,527

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Andrea Mitchell either speak up or get off my TV

This dickhead is talking all over her and she lets him.

Tim Murtaugh is flat out lying and she lets him talk and talk.

Saying Biden is going to lock people in their homes and she says thank you. She sucks.

Mayor Pete was on Nicole Wallace's show and his comment was each Republican should be asked if they

were (or are) a John McCann Republican or a Donald Trump Republican?

The first one I'm asking is Lindsay Graham.

And it's an either/ or question Lindsay.

Really you'tr questioning whether or not I'm a Democrat? I find that insulting.

You seem to be the Tucker Carlson fan if you're the one watching him.

Why isn't there an ad being run that questions why GOP Senators won't attend the Convention in

Jacksonville because it's too dangerous but are willing to send your kids to school in Jacksonville with just as much danger?

Are kids expendable and GOP Senators are not?

Dana Bash can kiss my ass. She just had Joni Ernst on for interview.

Within the first minute Ernst pulled out her military veteran status and mentioned it a few more times. Did Bash ask her, as a veteran, should Trump have protected American soldiers and retaliated against Putin for the bounty he put on their heads? Nope, not a mention.

But it did turn into a puff piece about her book.

Bring back Jake Tapper, Bash is a failure.

I'm so pissed I could spit.

Anybody see Eddie Griffin on fall back Friday on The Beat with Ari? He called

Trump the nut in the White House, and called his followers a cult and had less than kind things to say about Pence. It was hilarious, I'm trying to get a video of it but so far no luck.

In Aruba with tickets to fly out in 2 weeks. Thinking of getting out ASAP, anybody else away from


Figure is best to get out while the gettings good.

Rather be home and sheltered than away and unsure.

Wait times to vote in the primary.

I'm watching Brian Williams and he's reporting wait times in the Texas primary of 1 hour in Austin and 2 and a half hours in Houston. Why is this even possible? Shouldn't voters demand more access to voting?

Can't they demand their local government either fix it or be voted out?

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