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Member since: Wed Jan 4, 2017, 07:15 PM
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Getting ready for the Trump visit in London. Bawhahhahaaaaaaaa!!!

Hell,I'd make it larger. I have a daughter that lives there,those people KNOW how to protest and will come out in droves when this ass hat shows up.


Shitler hasn't Tweeted for 15 hrs from what I can find....new record

That asshat KNOWS he's a part of what happened yesterday. Keeping his radical base ginned up on HATE for the media--unless they KISS HIS ASS and certain people in our society.


Gawd...another Republican NUT JOB running.........

GOP congressional candidate: Diversity is 'a bunch of crap and un-American'

"You know, women, African American, Hispanic; they're chopping us up in these different pieces and getting us fighting against each other instead of spending our time saying everybody should be judged by their own talent," Grossman said.


Throw SNAP people under the bus so billionaires can get farm subsidies....

I'm shocked.....NOT.

Provisions inside the delayed House farm bill would roll back restrictions on the wealthy obtaining federal farm subsidies, as well as allow extended family members to receive lucrative payments.
The language has generated opposition both from fiscal conservatives who say the payments amount to welfare for wealthy people and critics who note that the same bill proposes new work requirements for participants in the federal food stamp program, SNAP.
Up to 2 million SNAP recipients could lose or have their benefits slashed under the proposed rule changes, according to the left-leaning Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.

Rep. Vicky Hartzler, R-Missouri, who has received at least $986,789 dollars in federal farm subsidies, lauded the SNAP work requirements, saying the change "helps recipients break the cycle of poverty by Improving work opportunities for able-bodied adults receiving federal nutrition assistance."


NASA video of the Sun

Cool,scary and freaky all at the same time. I have a 43 inch monitor,even better on the big screen.



Haven't seen anything on CNN but the home featured in Magnum PI is being torn down..........

My brother lives over there,in fact not real far from that home. Remember someone bought it a year or two ago--someone Obama knows and at that time I think they were going to do a remodel. It was built in like 1933 so it's seen a lot and had a lot of salt air pound it. I think that lot has an a few acres which is huge for Oahu,my guess just the dirt will bring millions if sold again.

Sometimes but not often that same home was used for some exterior shots for Hawaii 5-0--the original one.

Another Republican Pres and gas prices SOAR...who'd a thunk it??

Gas where I live is 40 cents a gallon higher than the day shit gibbon took office. Now stories out about how fuel will be another 14% higher this summer. Why that would be pushing the 3.00 per gallon price here in the Midwest. Congrats Trump!!

Tax cut??? GONE in sixty seconds...............

Trump needs $300 BILLION this week for the Treasury......


Well.....revenue is quickly declining because of those MASSIVE Corporate/RICH give away tax cuts. What a SHOCK!!!

"The United States plans to sell about $294 billion of debt, according to the Treasury Department. That's the highest for a week since the record set during the 2008 financial crisis. Federal revenue is declining because of President Trump's tax cuts, so the government needs to borrow more to make ends meet. At the same time, Washington's borrowing costs have climbed rapidly in recent months.

"The amount of debt coming on the market this week is extremely large," said Rick Rieder, global chief investment officer of fixed income at BlackRock, the world's largest asset manager."

Oklahoma going broke as fast as Kansas due to tinkle down economics..........

Same BS as was done in Kansas in 2013,give the fat cats a low tax rate--or ZERO as it was in Kansas and the economy will BOOM. BULLSHIT,it never works--never has,never will.

"I'm not scared to say it, because I love Oklahoma, and we are dying," said Republican state Rep. Leslie Osborn. "I truly believe the situation is dire." Oklahoma's woes offer the ultimate cautionary tale for other states considering trickle-down economic reforms. The outlook is so grim that some Republicans are willing to consider the ultimate heresy: raising taxes to fund education and health care, an idea that was once the exclusive province of Democrats.

"Without new recurring revenue, we can't fix these problems," said Osborn, who was ousted as chairwoman of the powerful House Appropriations and Budget committee for her outspoken support of tax increases.

The crisis has also placed the oil and gas industry, a sacred cow in Oklahoma, in an awkward spot since it sought the huge tax cut that is one of the biggest factors in the budget mess.

Gov. Mary Fallin and GOP leaders have been unable to reverse course because of a constitutional quirk that says any tax increase needs a three-fourth's majority vote of the Legislature. Despite broad GOP support for tax hikes, a small number of fiercely anti-tax Republicans have joined with the minority Democrats to derail attempts to raise revenue. Democrats complain that most of the tax plans unfairly target the poor.


One half TRILLION added to the National Debt in 10 weeks.........

I posted about this about to happen a couple of weeks ago. It actually happened on March 15th,that's a half TRILLION $$$$ added to the National Debt in just ten weeks. Wonder if CNN could take a break from all the click bait ads to report on this?? This from a clown who was going to halve the ND in just a year or two and bitched endlessly about Obama and what he added.

Yeah well when someone drops what was essentially the Second Great Depression in your lap you will have to spend--or set there doing nothing like Hoover. This drastic rise in just ten weeks is nothing more than his fat 14% tax cut for Corporations--wait until it really gets traction in 2018 and the individual stuff kicks in.

Down to the last penny:

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