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Member since: Sun Jan 1, 2017, 05:42 PM
Number of posts: 17,984

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FYI: Xanax is dangerously addictive

I'm putting this out there because I know a lot of people are starting to take meds for anxiety.

My wife was put on Xanax and not told how addictive it was. She started out by taking half a pill at night. That soon became a whole pill at night. Within a couple of months, she was downing four, five, even six pills at a time. All this was under "doctor's" orders. Xanax should be illegal. It causes an addiction that builds rapidly. If you don't feed the addiction, your anxiety level goes through the roof.

Please, if you are thinking about taking Xanax or were prescribed Xanax, do some research into its addictive nature. Knowing you are addicted is terrifying, and withdrawl is a horrible experience.

Spice boy versus Dippin Dots?

What is the deal with Spice boy's feud with Dippin Dots? Does this mean we must come up with a new name for him?

From NYT: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/01/24/us/dippin-dots-sean-spicer.html

My Parents Hid Me from Reagan

During Reagan's term in office, my parents and I lived overseas. We had nothing to fear when we were at home on an American compound, but we frequently took trips to other countries. As a precursor to one of these trips, my parents warned me not to let anyone know I was American because they were worried the rest of the world viewed Reagan (and all Americans by extension) as arrogant bullies. They made me promise that if anyone asked where we were from, I would tell them we were Canadian. That was playing it safe.

This memory just popped into my mind a couple of days ago. I think it puts being American in perspective when a person is traveling or living abroad. I know that the rest of the world joined the protests on Saturday, but you still have to wonder what the average person in a foreign country really thinks about us.

And the Number One Alternative Fact is...

Trump is a legitimate president.

Trump is Having Such a Hard Time

I worry about his fragile little ego, so I thought I would send a nice, thoughtful sympathy card:


Alternative Facts Orwellian Double Speak

This is double plus ungood.

Remember how one of the points of double speak was to limit vocabulary and streamline sentences so that a person could say what they had to in as few words as possible? I just realized that is what the Commander in Tweet is doing with his Twitter account.

Screw it! Let's Divide the Nation!

Democrats and repukes carry ID cards detailing their ideological preferences. Democrats get to keep everything we had under Obama, NO CHANGES! Repukes can deal with all the fascist crap the shitgibbon lays on them.

This is the ONLY fair plan the way I see it. The election was stolen. The president is illegitimate. He cannot force the majority of voters to be subject to his will.

What say ye?

My Taxes Going to Pay for tRump Clappers?!

No wonder he needed to cut all those unnecessary programs! He needs to pay for all those idiots who will clap themselves silly for him.

I'm seriously considering not paying any taxes until he is deposed.

Place Your Bets Everyone

Bet on tRump's assassination, impeachment, or painting the WH gold!

At the Casino.org site: https://www.casino.org/blog/president-trump-odds/

Did such a thing exist for Obama? This is far beyond ridiculous.

Indirect Democracy, complacency, and the Fall of the Roman Republic

I've been thinking of how similar Rome's history is to ours. The Roman senate was a form of indirect democracy such as we have. It bred complacency in its citizens who were happy to just let the senate do what it thought best. This is similar to most of the U.S. who does not want to be involved in politics. The end of the Roman republic came out of a manufactured crisis kind of like Obamacare, Drain the Swamp, etc. Finally, the first triumvirate had a celebrity (Julius Caesar), a military man (Pompey), and a man with a lot of cash to fund the coup (Crassus). We have a celebrity (tRump), a military man (Putin), and a people with a lot of cash (RNC donors, Putin again, supposedly tRump). In the beginning, Caesar refused to be emperor. In the beginning, tRump said he did not want to be president (might just withdraw after he won the RNC). Slowly but steadily, Caesar gained more power and became a true emperor. Slowly, tRump has been insinuating himself into government (with his cabinet picks and pushing congress to get rid of ACA, etc).

We know how it ended for Caesar; the senators, his buddies, stabbed him to death. At what point will this happen to tRump?

The scariest thought to come out of this has been the fact that Rome did not learn its lesson and continued to allow increasingly bad emperors to assume control. Will this happen to us?
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