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Member since: Sun Jan 1, 2017, 05:42 PM
Number of posts: 17,984

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What if our intelligence agencies already have everything to put him away?

I know this is a big "what if", but each successive leak seems to offer stronger evidence than the previous. What if our intelligence agencies already have enough to blow the lid off this scandal but are holding back for fear of starting a nationwide rebellion? I can see someone sitting there in Langley telling his impetuous underlings to control the flow of information for another few weeks. Wait until most of the stubborn tRumpers have lost enough faith that they don't pose a threat to national security. Because this is a far reaching scandal that will take down the GOP, and plenty of die hard repukes are going to be upset when tRump, Pence, Ryan, McConnell... are arrested and the new president is a Democrat.

Is this even a possibility, or am I having a misdirected surge of hope?

This Ben Carson Thing is Serious

I'm probably skating on thin ice here, but this needs to be said.

The only reason tRump and the GOP picked him was to have a token black man on their side. His position gives the right wing a way to convey racist rhetoric that will be accepted because "a black man said it". He can normalize racism through the Uncle Tom stereotype. There are people like Samuel L Jackson who will call him out, but what about the tRump supporters who will never read what he tweeted or hear about how racist Carson was from a real news source? Carson's words demean Black history. They trivialize slavery. They set a dangerous precedent for tRumpers to follow.

Is there going to be a 420 protest?

Seems like a really good day for one, especially now that Sessions is on the warpath against pot.

Gorsuch warning Liberals to Senate Democrats: Reject Trump's Supreme Court pick or else

Eleven progressive groups came together Monday to harshly criticize Senate Democrats for not fighting hard enough against President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court pick Neil Gorsuch, and hinted at primary challenges for any Democrat who votes “yes.”

“Democrats have failed to demonstrated a strong, unified resistance to this to this nominee despite the fact that he is an ultra-conservative jurist who will undermine our basic freedoms and threaten the independence of the federal judiciary,” wrote the groups including NARAL Pro-Choice America, MoveOn.org, SEIU, Working Families Party, 350 Action, CREDO Action and others. “We need you to do better.”


Time to be proactive! You know Manchin is already set to say "yea".

Who Takes Responsibility for Fake News?

I was reading this article in Forbes about Facebook's new policy on reporting fake news. (Article here: https://www.forbes.com/sites/amitchowdhry/2017/03/05/facebook-fake-news-tool/#4af31c887ec1) As much as I'd like for there to be some sort of system in place to combat fake news, I'm afraid it would bolster the claim against net neutrality. So can policies like the one Facebook is implementing work? I feel like every time a legitimate source is cited, a tRumper is going to press the "fake news" button. I guess the benefit is that this means jobs for paid trolls and Facebook news checkers. On the other hand, Google was supposed to go after fake news reports, burying them. However, when I google "tRump Obama" or something similar, I see reports from Breitbart about how Obama ordered the wiretap at the top of the list. Obviously, their algorithm is not working or they allow some things to get through on purpose.

If we go after the news sites that generate the most fake news, we end up in very complicated lawsuits that could take years to decide (and is going to bring freedom of speech). In the meantime, those news sites keep spewing their fake news.

If we go after the search engines and social media sites, we end up in complicated lawsuits that call net neutrality into question.

So where does the buck stop? Who takes responsibility in the end?

America to Putin: You Want Him? You Can Have Him!

You wanted him because you thought he would be your puppet. Take him! Take him right now! Shove your bloodstained hand up his butt and make him say whatever you want him to. All we ask is that you keep him. By putting him in power, you have caused more grief to the American people than you can imagine. So take him! Put him in a golden cage and let him tweet away all day long singing your praises.

Stone's Tweets May Have Landed Him In Trouble

Now The Hill is reporting on Stone's "perfectly legal back-channel" tweet that vanished: http://thehill.com/homenews/322431-roger-stone-claims-legal-back-channel-to-assange

Who Wears the Military Uniform Best?




I guess tRump has to be dictator a few more years in order to graduate to the full on Eagle Scout Dictator uniform.

What happened to those extra sanctions?

As I recall, late December/early January the Senate did not think the sanctions Obama placed on Russia were enough. Why is there no call for extra sanctions now? I'm thinking maybe the Democrats should bring this up again, especially since tRump is trying to remove Obama's sanctions.

What will our relationship with Russia look like

after all this crap is over and the sane people take control again?

If tRump and the Grabbers Of Pussy are evil, then Putin is evil times a billion. I cannot see any relations with Russia being normalized within the next ten years. Seems like this was an all or nothing play by Putin, and it is turning on him. The world is watching this unfold here in the states and taking preventative measures at home. Will anyone in democratic countries continue relations with Russia?

Furthermore, when Russians get tired of Putin failing bigly, are they going to leak all of his kompromat? I can see it happening as a way for them to come clean, as sort of appeasement.
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