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Member since: Sun Jan 1, 2017, 06:42 PM
Number of posts: 17,984

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Bakker's Apocalypse Foods Need More Cheese!

I admit, I got suckered in by the offer of a free, randomly chosen, christmas ornament. But then, reading the comments/questions for this particular product, I stumbled across this gem:

6 months 18 days ago

Ok so I wasn’t sure where else to ask this and I didn’t find it anywhere on the site but is there any way I make a special request for a bucket of only cheese? I really like cheese and I don’t want to run out of cheese in any emergency

6 months 18 days ago

At this time, Augason Farms does not offer a bucket of cheese. However, they do offer a #10 Can of Cheese Powder:

So Harmful Donkey is thinking about the "pockyclipse" that's a coming on real soon, and his worry is that there will not be enough cheese. My advice to Mr. Donkey is not to worry. It is a well known fact that, immediately after rapture, everyone receives a wedge of everlasting cheese. Much better deal than buying a 10 pound can of "cheese" powder.

Link (if you really care): https://store.jimbakkershow.com/product/augason-farms-tasty-pantry-deluxe-plus-bucket/

Tom Arnold on Lying Tweeden


I’m disappointed with my friend Leeann Tweedon. Her partner at KABC John Phillips is a Roger Stone pal & they coached her for weeks to bring Al Franken down. I’d hoped she’d use her voice to speak out for all women again predators like Roy Moore & Donald Trump but she’s a birther

I expect EVERYONE to be in front of 1600 Penn Ave tomorrow

With signs reading: "GET THE FUCK OUT NOW!!!"

Bernie says Franken should resign


Sen. Franken has said that he will be making an announcement about his political future tomorrow. The right thing is for him to resign

Summer Zervos' attorneys to accommodate President Trump's golf outings, 'take a deposition' at Mar-a


Attorneys for a former “Apprentice” contestant who accused President Trump of groping her in 2007 said they are willing to accommodate the commander-in-chief’s frequent golf outings as they pursue a defamation suit against him.

Mariann Wang, an attorney for Summer Zervos, said Tuesday in Manhattan Supreme Court that she would work with the court and Trump’s attorney Marc Kasowitz to minimize the impact on Trump’s busy schedule.

“We can certainty ensure that we take a deposition down at Mar-a-Lago in between his playing golf,” Wang said.

The jab came during arguments over whether Trump must respond to Zervos’ lawsuit while he serves in the Oval Office.

The GOP Now Loves Moore because...

They have realized he is their only hope of winning AL. Talk about commitment to party! That is their strength, the ability to get behind a candidate 100% regardless of that candidate's party purity, experience, or sexual misconduct. Meanwhile, we are questioning Franken, saying "Good riddance" to Conyers, and, if I'm not mistaken, I saw a post earlier disparaging Pelosi.

Remember, on November 15th, Ivanka said that there is a special place in hell for child molesters. That was aimed at Roy Moore. He was shunned by the RNC; they refused to support him. McTurtle promised he would not seat Moore.

20 days later...JUST 20 DAYS later

McTurtle promised to let AL decide who they wanted (i.e. he will not refuse to seat Moore), the RNC now supports Moore wholeheartedly, and I seriously doubt you will get Faux Nooze to admit they ever showed Ivanka's quote.

This is the GOP commitment to party. They will do anything, ANYTHING AT ALL to keep a Dem from winning a seat.

Remember that a majority of our divisiveness is a direct result of the republican disinformation machine. Pay close attention to what they are doing, THEM, and less attention to what one of ours may or may not have done.

What Impact Can the Discrediting Campaign Have on Mueller's Investigation?

This is a slightly older article about Hannity's role in the discredit campaign (interesting statistics): https://www.mediamatters.org/blog/2017/11/21/study-how-sean-hannity-trying-discredit-mueller-and-russia-probe/218611

Dotard has been at this in a roundabout way for months.
Dowd just tried his completely absurd tactic.
Freedom Watch is suing to remove Mueller.

But I don't see much discussion about the potential ramifications of the discrediting campaign besides maybe adding a few counts of obstruction. Can this actually have any influence on prosecution? Maybe slow it down?

The One Question Reporters Must Ask Dotard

Laundry or license plates, Mr. Prisondent?

Flippin' Flynn Friday: How Are You Celebrating?

I just bought a pint of Ben and Jerry's "Everything But The". Might have to do something else, though, because this is truly a day to celebrate.

Where is LaydeeBug?

Does anyone know where she went? I'm worried and I miss her posts.
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