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Member since: Sun Jan 1, 2017, 06:42 PM
Number of posts: 17,984

Journal Archives

Music Comparison Time!

Heck, I think they're both great, which is exactly why I'm posting them for your enjoyment!

Reparata and the Delrons 1966 version

Miriam 2014 version

Rescue Pittie Talks To Her Mom Nonstop

Little Johnny Broke My Tie Rod

My God You Guys Are MEAN!

Ellie's picture did not make it to the finals in GD. I told her about it. Now I have to deal with a disconsolate doggie for the rest of the month! Shame on you all!

I am in utter dismay by the toy store offerings

Just look at this! They want small children to catch cancer!!!!! I'm going to alert the WH right away!

Be Safe This Easter!!!!

If You Could Have One Marginal Super Power...What Would it Be?

For instance, you can teleport yourself ...but only a foot at a time

I think I'll go with the ability to levitate ...but only two inches off the ground

I Can Move Through Space and Time!!!!

Post Your Corniest Joke

I'll begin with the joke my dad told me maybe 1,000 times and it never improved (yet here I am repeating it).

Q: Why couldn't you get any corn during the war?

A: Because all the colonels were in the army!

Ba dump pssshhhh

Scientists Discover Ancient 'Cthulhu' Fossil That Will Give You Nightmares

On Wednesday, an international team of researchers unveiled the fossilized remains of an ancient relative of the sea cucumber. It had 45 tentacles and lurked at the bottom of the seas some 430 million years ago.

They’ve dubbed it Sollasina cthulhu, after the tentacled Great Old One of H.P. Lovecraft’s weird tales, a study published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B said.

Unlike the massive Cthulhu of fiction, the creature unveiled by scientists this week was quite tiny, with the fossil measuring just about an inch across.

Despite its diminutive size, the creature still managed to pack a lot of nightmare fuel. Those 45 tentacles were used to snatch up food, creep along the ocean floor and scare off predators.

More (and pic!): https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/scientists-discover-ancient-cthulhu-fossil-that-will-give-you-nightmares/ar-BBVNcgE?ocid=se

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