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Gender: Female
Hometown: Baltimore
Current location: Free
Member since: Sat Dec 31, 2016, 09:19 PM
Number of posts: 2,626

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A Stephanie Miller noted yesterday.....

Trump makes George W. Bush look coherent and intelligent.

It is true and scares the hell out of me.

Thought Bush was the worst president ever. I admit I was wrong.

Right wing radio.

I notice that most of the sponsors are funeral homes. retirement planning and incontinence products.

In light of this report.

We should demand impeachment.

There should be massive demonstrations if it is not forthcoming.

The white women of this country played a large part in electing tRump.

And I, as a white woman, am ashamed of that.

The only women tRump supports are Melania, ex-wves, paid-off mistresses, ex-girlfriends and porn stars.

Let's all wake up and make a difference in 2020. Let's have 20-20 vision.

Nearly puking as I listen to this RW talk show host railing against AOC and Rashida Tlaib.

They are future. 2018 was the beginning. Get used to it, snowflake. He just called Trump a "terrific president." It just gets worse and worse.

Recovering Catholic Vent.

I went through 8 years of Catholic elementary school. By the 5th, 6th or 7th grade I was hating it. Way too restrictive and by that time (1969 - 1970 or so) I was very interested in the anti-war movement and the women's liberation movement. When I started public high school in 1972 I began to experience the diversity of ideas that I wanted. Just being able to wear jeans and t shirts was such a relief from that regimen. I gravitated to the hippie/stoner clique. I drank, got high, smoked cigarettes and had experiences with the opposite sex. More importantly, I got even more interested in politics. I put on an award-winning anti-war play and participated in a Roe v. Wade decision celebration in 1973, when I would have been 15. I wrote for the school paper and wrote anti-war and pro-choice articles. But there was a disconnect. I continued to attend church with my parents, although I did so reluctantly. It was partly out of habit and partly not to disappoint them more than I already was doing. The whole Catholic complicated dogma and life-long guilt trip irritated the hell out of me but I still went. Then a priest from the parish visited my sister at our house when I was not home and apparently took a tour of my bedroom. (Yes, creepy.) The next Sunday's sermon did not mention me by name but was all about me. All about how seemingly nice Catholic girls have cigarettes on their nightstands and posters of sleazy rock stars, marijuana leaves and horrible people like Gloria Steinem in their bedrooms. I felt totally violated and embarrassed. I just said "fuck this" to my parents and refused to have anything to do with church again other than the occasional Christmas for a couple years.

Was invited to a palm Sunday mass today and politely declined. Just had to get this off my chest. Maybe someone can relate.

Excellent opinion piece on choice by NY Governor.



Most New York catholics support abortion rights.
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