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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: Baltimore
Current location: Free
Member since: Sat Dec 31, 2016, 09:19 PM
Number of posts: 2,377

Journal Archives

The only positive I will take out of this.

The only positive I will take out of this is being part of the Women's March on Saturday. I am almost physically sick over this. I forced myself to watch his concert tonight for a while. It sucked. His policies suck. He sucks. The future will suck until impeachment. I am ashamed to be American now.

I will Keep My Hillary 2016 sticker on on my car.

Until the car dies. Or I die.

I want everyone to know I do not support this sexist and racist idiot!

Women's March On Washington - January 21


I am proud to be one of thousands who will come to Washington to make clear that we will keep working for a democracy in which we are linked as human beings, not ranked by race or gender or class or any other label.


Protest, women.

Protest like never before. Protest with vigor, humor and spirit. Protest against the reality show star con man who wants to outlaw our reproductive rights. Protest against racism. Protest against Trump/Pence with everything you have.

The majority of voters in this country wanted HILLARY CLINTON to be president.

Make it clear to Trump that he has NO mandate.

My New Year resolution is to oppose Trump.

<img src="" alt="anti-trump"/>

Is anyone with me?

In my first post of 2017...

I want to thank President Obama for all he has done for gay rights, women's rights and immigrants. And thank him for bringing racial issues to the forefront. And thank you, Michelle Obama, for being an outspoken and vocal proponent of the issues we hold dear.

So sorry to see you replaced by this horrible cartoon con man.

Reproductive and LGBT will be under assault like never before in 2017.

We need to oppose the Trump agenda. Organize, protest and resist. We need everyone!

Happy New Year, DUers!

It was a long 2016. We all reject the president elect.

Looking forward to seeing everyone here in 2017 as we all oppose this bigot's racist, sexist, anti-immigrant policies.

Kath2 (formerly Kath1)
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