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Gender: Female
Hometown: Baltimore
Current location: Free
Member since: Sat Dec 31, 2016, 09:19 PM
Number of posts: 2,617

Journal Archives

This video totally expresses my feelings over this election.

My aunt was there.


This administration is a true disaster.

One lie and scandal after another. Trump is a disgrace and a joke. Impeachment is the only solution.

My mom will never understand me.

A good church-going Catholic. Very nice person. Does charity work. A very sweet person.,

I don't get along with her on politics at all. I am very pro-choice.

How this amazing woman gave birth to this hippie, dope-smoking pro-choice, feminist, bi, anti-Trump person is a mystery.

But I still love her


Happy early Mother's Day!

Trump's single accomplishment - Mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, nieces uniting against a hate-filled agenda.

Resistance then is inspiration for resistance now.

For all of you too young to remember Vietnam and Nixon. And everyone else, of course.

Sad but true!

Trump wants to go back to the 50's "Happy Days."

Well, those days weren't so happy for women or minorities and we WILL NOT GO BACK!

Please support Planned Parenthood!

It was the only damn health care I had until I was 22.

Provided me with contraception and sex education at 16.

Cured me of chlamydia at 18.

Gave me excellent advice and counseling.

De-fund them? HELL, NO! NEVER!

Always professional and understanding.

So happy to see her back out there for women!

Hillary rocks!
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