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Member since: Sat Dec 31, 2016, 02:55 PM
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NPR and Biden speech:

Biden explained (because the MSM will NOT) how TFG and his administration set the rules that Biden inherited. Biden EXPLAINED it and the F'ers at NPR accused Biden of "passing the buck after he said "the buck stops with me".

End of my rant.


This morning even NPR was highlighting all the corruption, payoffs, profiteering by Afghanis up and down the country. From war lords to security contractors "so many were on the take". CNN: "It's been widely known", this corruption".

Just asking the DU'ers...."How many of you learned the extent of this corruption from even our liberal media? Where was the reporting, the investigations, the outrage by the Times, the Post, the networks?

I'm sure I could have missed a story or so but if it was such a blatant, widely corrupt practice it surely would have been a top story by even the GQPers.

Rant over.
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