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Member since: Sat Dec 31, 2016, 02:55 PM
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Everything For Everyone

I'm concerned that the trillions of $ many of the Dem candidates are making cornerstones of their campaigns is gonna backfire on whichever candidate emerges as nominee. Forget the socialism tag it's just the overwhelming numbers that are being floated that will remain in the minds of tRUMP fence sitters, and even a lot of Dems. I know a number of Repubs who regret voting for tRUMP, were openly speaking of voting for a Dem but lately have been voicing major concern about these Trillions of $ being floated for "free this or that" and various programs from climate to reparations. Am I alone in this thinking?

A shocking revelation

Tonight on TRMS she spoke about the two new lawsuits filed against the tRUMP administration. McCabe and Strzok . What became clear as Rachel detailed the vast number of women and men plucked, kicked, removed from any position which could cause trouble for tRUMP, find facts and evidence or otherwise be a PITA for tRUMP is that he's not smart enough to be identifying these people. So, who is?

We all know by his word salad, actions and behavior that tRUMP doesn't understand how our government works. He confuses, mangles and just outright lies about everything. The lies are his misguided defense to the truth and facts. But removing key individuals who might in his twisted mind cause him problems is too sophisticated a plan for this moron. So, who's the " potus whisperer" ? If Bannon were still there I would think him, maybe Miller or Conway. But it has to be someone tRUMP trusts or is indebted to.

Who could it be?

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