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Member since: Sat Dec 31, 2016, 02:55 PM
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tRUMp, Scott, DeSantis and Flori-duh

The voters of these scum are going to have to deal with exploring, then drilling for oil in the Glades and off the Florida coastline.
Many fisherman, crabbers and those in the tourist industry who voted for tRUMP and his grifters will soon be screaming and if there is another oil spill like the BP spill they will become overnight socialists seeking a handout from the Government.

Just in the Keys the RePUBICS voted overwhelmingly for the trio of death from Key Largo to Stock Island. KW is the only Blue Key along that beautiful stretch from Homestead to KW.

tRUMP loves the "Less Educated" , he told them all and now in some small way it's shown why. DUH.
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