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Member since: Sat Dec 31, 2016, 02:55 PM
Number of posts: 1,601

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Twitter Suspends Account linked to Iranian: Drone-tRUMP-golf-revenge.


I watched FOX after Biden's speech.

Their divisive rhetoric was couched in mashed potatoes but still there.

Karl Rove: "Biden gave a very good speech BUT there were no memorable lines like Lincoln, or Kennedy had". (give me a fuckin break)

If the primary sources of info for those who are in the Cult or believe all the lies don't change their reporting & opinion shows and focus on honesty, nothing, NOTHING will change.

18 U.S. Code 2385 - Advocating overthrow of Government

Read it and circulate, please.

The participants must not be given a pass. They must be held fully accountable. They must be jailed.

Terrorists in Capitol Wearing Animal Skins.

What am I missing here? What's the symbolism?

Money or Pardon? Money or Pardon? Money or Pardon?

Oh the dilemma for the grifter in chief.

Does he continue with.... "I'm running in 2024" to keep the suckers/Cult sending him money for "rallies" thereby PISSING off PENCE
who thinks he has a presidential future?

Pence holds the most legal/protectable PARDON powers that for sure tRUMP needs.

Oh the dilemma...

What do you think?

NOW is the time:

For legal scholars to make clear to the tRUMP administration that any official documents, including emails, texts and TWEETS that are destroyed or deleted will be modified will not be accepted and those responsible will be punished.

Korean 108 bows.

Trying to find historical information about them.

Who authored the original?


Ancient translation or link to any information.

thank you.

THIS needs to be @biden talking point!

The largest public companies taking payroll loans meant for small businesses number over 100. Drain the SWAMP he said...ha, every Maggot needs to know this. Their JOBS are lost because of this. Don't let this scumbag tRUMP get ahead of the curve and BLAME someone else. NAIL HIM!

Every responsible reporter needs to report this and NOT let tRUMP deflect, divert or LIE. Nail him and keep it stuck to his ass!

Rant over. Sorry.

The Powers that tRUMP will have when/if he declares a National Emergency. Read it and buckle up!


Canceling Political Rallies

Biden and Sanders did so out of concern. tRUMP refuses to cancel because his rallies are to him what blood was to Dracula.

Can Governors ban gatherings over a certain number? If so, we should be encourage them to do so if tRUMP refuses to protect people.
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