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What's Trumpy's ultimate "reality distortion" tactic and is it being deployed right now?

We, as a nation, RELY on "impartial" polling organizations to give all of us accurate feedback on how we, as a nation, are viewing the issues of the day, and in our situation right now, how we believe Trump is handling the responsibilities of his office.

We trust that polling organizations collect raw data from populations and convert that data into something we can all understand as our true sentiments regarding Trump and his performances.

For Trump, who exists on a Potemkin-like set of images and stunts, the ultimate victory in framing the nation's sentiments HIS WAY is to hack into the computer systems that collect raw data BEFORE the data gets translated into something we can all understand.

As Brad Parscale is earning the tens of millions in salary that he collects as a major player in Trump's propaganda machine, his ultimate victory would be to have control over the raw data that is stored and manipulated by the polling organizations' computers. Having control over the raw polling data is the final victory that Trump's propaganda machine needs to convince the nation that Trump's approval rating is really increasing as his performance descends below the figurative gutter.

The GOP has already made major inroads into controlling the election data in many localities and regions, whether it's voter suppression or voting machines. It's only logical that Trump would make concerted efforts to control the data from beginning to end. It's the ultimate logical sequence in Trump's world to create his alternative reality. Trump can do whatever he wants to keep himself protected from criminal liability because, presumably, the national feedback loop, the opinion polls, are being manipulated from the front end to the back end by Trump.

I know that this sounds fantastical and can feed the "bummer" that many of us feel, but it's entirely within the Trumpian logic of authoritarianism gone haywire. We can all say, "Oh, that CAN'T happen!" But it's Trump we're dealing with, not a person who has any value system outside of his own ideational constructs.

Here's a thought for discussion: Is there a relationship between the COVID-19 pandemic


In the recent past, some scientists have speculated that climate change/warming can have unpredictable consequences, such as the release of microbes into the general population that were previously contained by biodiversity.

With mass extinctions of life forms presently underway, we may be susceptible to this microbial release as one of many that will affect all of us.

Ignoring the decades-long warnings of fossil fuel emissions releases into the atmosphere may now be coming home to roost.

I know that we don't need more bad news, but it may be even more dangerous to NOT consider the global consequences of climate change.

The Cabinet and White House staff of the next president will be mostly women.

There are plenty of female Congressional stars to promote, and they will be promoted. The 2018 wave has great talent.

DeBlasio on MSNBC... Did he REALLY SAY THIS?

DeBlasio's likely mission on MSNBC was to quell a panic regarding the coronavirus. But he may have done worse.

DeBlasio was describing the INFECTION rate among demographics and said that young people, i.e. school students, were safe from the virus because their infection rate is substantially low. His remark should have been challenged, but IT WASN'T.

DeBlasio is ONLY looking at the infection rate among age groups, and that's outrageously irresponsible. DeBlasio does NOT mention transmissibility, which is of major importance, because even if children do not show symptoms, they CARRY THE VIRUS and can easily spread it among the population, thus infecting those in older age brackets who have higher infection and mortality rates.

What's wrong with DeBlasio??? Doesn't he understand basic information about the virus, or is he placating his constituents without regard to the inevitable spread of the disease by nonsymptomatic children?

Dimes to Donuts: the field general who pulled off...

... the Biden tsunami is Pelosi.

She had to have coordinated the endorsements. She had the strategy and the resources. And she has the gravitas.
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