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Member since: Thu Dec 29, 2016, 11:41 AM
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GOP blew it with Barrett.


There is a large chunk of Trump supporters who are Christian, single issue voters.

They are perceiving that, after decades of longing and fighting for a rock-ribbed “conservative” USSC, they finally achieved their dream and their glory with tonight’s Barrett confirmation.

And now as they run their victory laps, they will find NO REASON to vote for Trump. They only put up with him so he would pave the way for packing the courts. As far as they’re concerned, they already got from Trump what they wanted. Now they’ll have to decide whether they want to spend hours voting in a meaningless election or doing their laundry.

McConnell should have held off on the confirmation until mid-November. Yeah, there would have been downsides for that maneuver, but not something that, in all likelihood, could contribute to the disintegration of the GOP. The Barrett confirmation will widen the Biden lead and decimate the Republican Party.

McConnell's folly:

Confirming ACB BEFORE THE ELECTION is a big GOP mistake.

There are perhaps millions of GOP voters who have been hanging on to their Republican loyalty only because they want the USSC packed with so-called "conservatives."

With ACB on the Court as of today, GOP voters nationwide can breathe their sigh of relief, THEN STAY HOME ON ELECTION DAY! So many will have reduced motivation to go to the polling places and vote. Why bother when they got everything they wanted already?

This may very well translate into a larger GOP defeat than they ever thought possible. If McConnell were strategic, he'd have held the vote off until after the election to ensure that as many GOP votes as possible would be cast. It may make the difference between a switch of 10 Senate seats rather than 5.

But McConnell, at least this time, tossed strategic thinking out the window. His lack of forethought will end his career. If Biden wins and the Senate turns Dem, McConnell will likely retire. AND... his reckless maneuver to confirm ACB will backfire.

Trumpy-Boy gave secrets of the US government to Putin. From Putin's POV, Trump is a useful idiot.

Trump is hoping that he's driving a bargain for money and property, and that his surrendering of US secrets to Russia is worth a fortune that Putin will return to him.

What Trump doesn't know is that Putin feels no such obligation for a transaction. He got from Trump what he wanted. He'll string Trump along with hints of riches for as long as Trump is in power, squeezing one classified nugget out of Trump after another. When Trump loses, Putin, howling with laughter, will discard Trump like a piece of used jet trash. His comment? "Stupid Americans."

Trump himself is the loser and the sucker. Putin will prove it.
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