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Member since: Thu Dec 29, 2016, 11:41 AM
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Does the public know what "nationalism", white nationalism, and "white supremacy" actually mean?

Our vaunted media seems to take a lot for granted. They use these words and phrases, but most often, they fly over the heads of the public, clueless about the deep offenses that people of color feel.

How about a clear, concise definition of White Supremacy? What does it mean, how is it used, and why is it not only offensive to a huge slice of the nation, but why is it anti-American, anti-Constitutional, immoral, and wholly despicable?

The press seems unwilling to venture into this territory. Why is that? No, it's not so elementary that White Supremacy needs no further explanation. That's taking a lot for granted, and we can take NOTHING for granted.

White Supremacy means that people of Caucasian ancestry are SUPERIOR to people from African, Asian, or other general genetic origins. The logical extension of the notions of White Supremacy has already been practiced in the 1930s and 1940s in Europe. We know how that worked. Those who were not pure Aryans were viewed as Subhuman.

Oh. I nearly forgot. Those of Hispanic heritage are mostly a hybrid mix of genetic origins, so they don't qualify, in white supremacists' eyes, as White. They are deemed as INFERIOR to whites and necessarily must be treated as subhumans.

Explanations like these should be told and re-told until it becomes clear that White Supremacy is a blight on humanity. But the manner in which it's being presently treated conveys an implication that it's just another way of looking at people, on equal footing with religion, economics, and social discussions.

Inertia: Dems will not find a lot of backing in corporate America

Just as Hitler was backed by German, English, Italian, and American industrialists, most of Corporate America is siding with Trumpy. Why? It's because the structure and indeed, the charters for corporations demand that they seek the most profits for their shareholders.

Trumpy is giving away the store so that corporations can get the most profit with the least regulations-regulations designed to protect the US citizens from abject exploitation and the environment from certain ruin.

It's the way, the nature of fascism, and Trumpy won't tell you this, but that's exactly what he has in mind. He mimics Hitler by filling the airwaves with societal division and conflict, while he curries favor with industrialists.

Corporations love it. Corporations are not US citizens and have no loyalty to the Constitution. They only have loyalty to those who invest in their operations. A great way to maximize profit is to eliminate protections for the people, i.e. REGULATIONS. That's exactly what Trumpy is doing, and he has a lot of friends in the corporate world because of it. In general, corporations are comfortable with fascism, no matter what their PR divisions say.

Dems will not only have to overcome resistance from the GOP, and from Trumpy's white nationalist/Nazis, but they'll have to resist much of Corporate America.
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