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Member since: Thu Dec 29, 2016, 11:41 AM
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Here's the logic: There will be no general election in 2020.

So far, Trumpy has been able to block all avenues to the public disclosure that Trumpy is a traitor, a Russian agent, a criminal, a financial fraudster, and a sociopath. His motivation is that he will not lose. He'll win every battle, every fight. That's the ultimate "brand". Always a winner.

Trumpy's actions thus far show that he will fight tooth and nail to keep his brand as he wants it. He'll not only defy subpeonaes, he'll defy court orders and court judgements. If the Supreme Court votes in favor of separation of powers, Trumpy will defy the Supreme Court. If Congress impeaches and the Senate convicts, Trumpy will refuse to relinquish power. He will. If the election goes against him, he'll not only commit election fraud, but vote fraud as well. And if that doesn't work, he'll declare a national emergency because the elections are rigged, and he'll declare that the elections are null and void. He'll go the full circuit. He'll tell his followers to take to the streets to prevent a coup. But that can get really messy. Rather than risk a loss, Trumpy will simply nullify the election.

In short, the only logical sequence available for Trumpy is to act like a Dictator. That's what he's doing right now. He'll not only ignore Congress, but he'll also ignore the Judicial Branch. There can be no assumption that Trumpy will respect ANY aspect of Constitutional law. Trumpy is dead serious. He will NOT relinquish power in any manner that resembles civility. He'll have to be removed from office physically. He won't go otherwise. Impeachment/conviction won't work; an election loss won't work. Right now, he's telling all of us that he's the sole ruler of the nation, and he's daring anyone to stop him. Right now, he's the emerging Dictator. He has a few more loose ends to address, but now he knows the path to dictatorship and he's in the fast lane. We are on the brink of losing the Constitution and the Rule of Law.

Trumpy will declare a national emergency and suspend the Constitution before he can be politically removed from office. Every day that passes in which Trumpy is not stopped, he grows stronger. He now owns the DOJ (Rosenstein and Barr are on his "team", the SCOTUS and federal judges, he owns the Senate, and he owns nearly all of the media. Sure, he's disliked by over 60% of the electorate, but he doesn't give a damn about them. He's completely lawless and he'll always be that way until (and if) he's physically stopped. Every action he takes brings him closer to complete control. Remember, his goal is to win at any cost. He will not be told "no."
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