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Member since: Thu Dec 29, 2016, 11:41 AM
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Finally! An extended interview of a great patriot.

O’Donnell’s interview of Andrew McCabe was great television. But more than that was a glimpse of a person completely immersed in a life mission of law and order, ethics, integrity, and the search for truth.

McCabe is, IMO, a person of high credibility. We should all listen. And learn.

To DNC Chair Tom Perez:

Gotta say it, Tom, you put me, and many of us, asleep.

You were on the Hayes program this evening, and I wanted to walk out of the room. This “We’re going to talk about it” phrase has got to go. We’ve heard that promise for decades.

Do you know what we haven’t heard? “We’re going to DO (x,y,and z).” What exactly are the Dems going to send to the Senate? You must convey a message of action, of passing actual legislation. Excite people, for Christ’s sake! “Talking” sounds passive. Drop it.
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