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Member since: Thu Dec 29, 2016, 11:41 AM
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We're coming to the end of the effectiveness of the US Constitution.

While the House has locked in an impeachment vote that will be final within this month, the Senate will assure that Checks and Balances and separation of powers is dead. These two principles are the backbone of Constitutional governance. McConnell, the entire GOP, and Trumpy are hammering the final nails in the Constitutional coffin. McConnell will NOT permit a fair trial, as he publicly announced that he will coordinate everything in the trial with Trumpy.

We know that McConnell, the GOP leadership, and the Trumpy Administration are now taking orders from Putin, and are setting up Trumpy as Dictator (and NOT King). After the acquittal, Trumpy will be free to cheat on the 2020 election in any way he wishes, with no resistance from the Legislative Branch, and no objections from a notoriously slow and Trumpy-partial Judicial Branch.

We have to come to terms with all of this. We are seeing the US government, with some resistance from Democrats and independents (but not enough), convert to a system in which the President decides everything. That's the veritable definition of Dictator. We see (with the southern border cruelty to refugee victims) that it's Trumpy who decides who will suffer and die, and who will not. We see that there is no longer a Rule of Law for the leadership.

There is such a narrow path out of this that it's barely worth mentioning. A 2020 election is optional to a dictator who has all the means available to cheat on the election, with NO consequences. We know that Putin is telling the GOP what to do and how to do it. We must conclude that Russia has invaded the US government, and the US government has effectively surrendered.

If we have doubts about these trend lines and facts, we're certainly welcome to them. But we have to watch the coming events, and we'll see all of the above occurences unfold before our eyes. We'll all be in a state of disbelief. But it's coming, folks.

Believe me. I hope I'm wrong. But we're skating on ice that's getting impossibly thin.

Sometimes it takes awhile for the words to come together...

but there's a word or a concept that fairly accurately describes the present state of the Union.

We are on the verge of collapse.

We are teetering on the edge.

We shouldn't be thinking in terms of a mere Constitutional Crisis. There's a good chance that we are already beyond the "turning point."

We only have a Democratic majority in the House that is between the United States and governmental collapse. If and/or when that happens, societal collapse will follow.

If we observe the entirety of Trumpy's behavior patterns since his campaign, we can easily conclude that Trumpy has always wanted to abolish the separation of powers and become an autocratic dictator. No, not "King." Dictator. Please note that Putin is reputed to be worth between 600 and 800 Billion dollars. That's what Trumpy wants. He knows how Putin got it, and he adores Putin's business plan.

BTW, I strongly dislike depictions from some in the general resistance camp who describe Trumpy as a wannabe KING. They're being too kind for an unknown reason. "King" implies that there might be something beneficial about being royalty, even if a king "can do no wrong." There is no redeeming value if Trumpy were to fully realize autocratic rule. Trumpy has no capacity to bestow kindness on anyone. The more power he obtains the more brutal he'll become. We've only seen the beginning.

Unless we rescue ourselves with effort and sacrifice, we'll see collapse. Soon.
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