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Member since: Thu Dec 29, 2016, 11:41 AM
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Niccolle Wallace...

Did a great show today.

Find it on a podcast or network replay. Worth the time.

Oh. Iím not affiliated with Wallace or MSNBC in any way.

Guess what? Stephen Miller, the self-proclaimed child torturer,


This is according to Wikipedia.

Miller has no empathy and can't even have sympathy. He doesn't know what it's like to be a parent, doesn't care. His policy to torture children is one of the more enjoyable aspects of his present position. "It was a simple decision," he proclaims. Miller is married to evil.

MSNBC, NYT's Michael Schmidt, and the 49 questions

I've heard Mr. Schmidt, a frequent MSNBC guest, and others on MSNBC's shows refer to the now-famous "49 questions" as a list of questions that Mueller wants to ask Trumpy in the ever-unlikely event that Trumpy submits to an interview. By now, the list of questions is taken for granted that it came from Robert Mueller, or his team of investigators.


To the MSNBC staff: please correct Michael Schmidt every time he asserts that these questions came from Mueller. It is fundamentally dishonest not to acknowledge that the questions came from Trumpy's defense team, and NOT from Mueller. The questions were reportedly assembled by Mr. Sekulow, who's hired by Trumpy to PROTECT HIM. These questions were strategic in their placement in the media, but the NYT and Michael Schmidt are inaccurate and irresponsible in NOT attributing the questions to Trumpy's legal team, and not Mueller. Indeed, the MSM, the NYT, Schmidt, and the MSNBC staff are treating the questions' false origins as fact. Stop this nonsense and speak the truth.
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