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Member since: Thu Dec 29, 2016, 11:41 AM
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Here's a crazy-ass prediction: Trumpy's gone in six weeks for six reasons.

Maybe I'm living in my own carefully designed bubble, but I think something's afoot that's going to take most of us by surprise. Trumpy will leave the White House much sooner than the paid pundits expect. Here are the reasons:

1. Avenatti and Daniels are screwing Trumpy big-time. I don't know who paired these two, but they'e a dynamite team. Avenatti is at the top of his game. Right now. And Daniels is seemingly pushing him to new heights. Both know Trumpy's huge weak spot and they're blowing it wide open.

2. The weak spot? Loss of media exposure. It castrates Trumpy and shrinks him to the size of a prune. This is the strategy to which Avenatti refers when he characterizes his moves as "three-dimensional chess". Trumpy has no way to keep himself in office without constantly owning the narrative and flooding the media with his presence. We all know that he's all flash and no substance, but we didn't calculate that someday or other, his ability to own the media with his personal narrative would collapse. And it has, right now. Without media manipulation, Trumpy can't have tantrums, he can't shout and point, he can't hold events or create controversies or distract from the Mueller investigation. He clearly can't govern, so that's out. What's left is a heap of hair and flesh gulping a diet Coke, plumped in front of a flat screen replaying segments of Fox and Friends. Oh. He's a "friend." And the TV sofa chattlings are likely his only friends.

3. Trumpy can't hire lawyers to defend against Mueller or Daniels/Avenatti. He can't replenish his departed staff. He's trying to bring back banished former staffers, but that's not happening because everyone to whom he talks has to hire an attorney. He may even fire Kelly and be his own Chief of Staff, which will be another rolling disaster. So now he has ONE defense attorney who's sadly overmatched by Mueller and his A team.

4. Trumpy is not following the Roy Cohn Commandment: When attacked, counterattack with ferocity, every time, with overwhelming force, and never admit a mistake. Trumpy is failing because he's not attacking Daniels/Avenatti in the Roy Cohn tradition. Of all the possible symptoms of his demise, this is perhaps the most serious. Daniels and Avenatti have taken away his Cohn-ness. Now Trumpy looks ineffective, weak, cowardly, and sniveling. Melania has symbolically left him to avoid imagining herself as the shamed and smitten wife. He's alone with few confidantes, if any.

5. Left to his own devices, without the media clutching at his every pause, and with an emptied White House staff, Trumpy is barely holding on to any semblance of an ability to govern. He has no agenda of his own, except to keep his base skittish and jumpy: for the next rally, the next bevy of accusations toward his usual suspects, for the next media spin. All of his distractions are losing their spark. He's coming face to face with his enemies: his ignorance, his low self-esteem, his impulsiveness, his narcissism, his cowardice, his lies,... and the Special Prosecutor. And for good measure, let's remember the AG of New York, lurking just behind Mueller.

6. Even Congressional Republicans, all of them Trumpy's equal in the cowardice department, will publicly talk about Trumpy's inability to manage a governing administration. Trumpy is besieged by investigations, lawsuits, a fleeing Administration staff, and an increasing flock of veteran losers as replacements. Trumpy was disillusioned with DiGenova and sent him packing. He'll likely do the same with TV terror John Bolton, whose bloodlust won't go down well with Trumpy's two scoops and chocolate cake. When hiring Bolton proves to be yet another big error, Trumpy's circus tent will begin to fold and he'll look for the most direct escape route out of DC. He'll neglect to feed the lions on the way out.

Pence, who's got his own problems with Flynn and giving him access to classified information, may not be heir to the throne when Trumpy leaves his golden toilet behind. But that's a discussion for another time.

Trumpy's fanboys are flailing for a fascist dictatorship. But it doesn't matter to them.

They want Trumpy to lead them to WHITENESS, unfettered by any Constitution or law. They see Trumpy as the strong leader who can crash through the Constitution and all of the laws supporting it. They see a revolution driven by rage.

"Facts matter"? Not so much. What matters to them is white America, where caucasians of a distinct variety dominate the cultural and economic landscape. The ugly side of their dream is that their definition of nonwhite America means that Semites (who are, by definition, caucasian), Hispanics (mostly of caucasian stock), and, of course, African Americans are objects of ridicule and hatred.

What they don't see is everything else. They've been told that any resistance to Trumpy is a conspiracy to pour water on their dreams, a conspiracy by ANYONE who can fit their need to alienate and vilify.

Notice that by most observations, Trumpy's base is driven by emotions: fear and rage. This is by design, as we now know from disclosures recently exposed regarding Cambridge Analytica. CA targeted voters who are driven by emotion, not by issues or by reasoning ability. These voters generally have fewer intellectual resources to effectively use critical thinking skills: an ability that is anathema to CA's microtargeting tactics. And let's be honest. Half of the nation's citizens have BELOW AVERAGE INTELLIGENCE, and those citizens generally rely on emotional charges to make decisions (such as who they favor in elections) because they have, by definition, fewer internal resources to rationally discriminate. They are the low hanging fruit being picked by Cambridge Analytica.

So, the entire Trumpy movement is driven by big-money data miners (the Kochs, the Mercers, etc.) who duped and manipulated a "white" population generally occupying the lower end of the intellectual spectrum.

Isn't it strange?

So many of us know, for certain, that Trumpy must bend over for Putin, or he'll have worse than hell to pay. It's becoming so obvious, even in the past few days.

Trumpy fires T. Rex right after Tillerson condemns Russia, and since then, Nikki Haley and the "Press Secretary" in the White House have denounced Russia, while Putin's water boy drinks a diet Coke and pisses in the planter box.

Isn't it obvious that Trumpy can NEVER cross Putin? NEVER can he do this. And we're stuck with Trumpy while Putin walks all over him and the rest of us.

In a way, it doesn't matter if Trumpy is cognitively impaired, or if he's a zillion dollars in debt, or if he had orgies with penguins. The result is the same: Trumpy can't stand up to Putin, and he will NEVER do so. Putin knows this and will act accordingly.
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