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The Trumpy/Putin alliance has the character of a chaotic mass shooting.

Putin's methods in spreading his power and influence begins with fomenting chaos in any and all western democracies. He encourages doubt, fear, confusion, cynicism, apathy, and the abandonment of social norms and expectations. His objective is to weaken nations and increase their vulnerabilities to Russia's advantage.

In any mass shooting and in any situation in which gunfire dominates, chaos reigns. Victims abandon their sense of order, security, and rationality and end up panicking to survive. For any strategist who is intent on planning for domination by the Trumpy/Putin alliance, fomenting chaos is a primary objective. What can be more consistent with tactical planning for chaos than to set the conditions for violent outbursts to frighten and disempower large swaths of the citizenry?

Mass shootings and other forms of violence with guns are part of the tactical pattern with which Putin is comfortable. We now know that the NRA has been collaborating with Russia to strengthen the unregulated gun policies within the US with "the more guns, the better" themes in the NRA and the GOP's lexicon of themes that promote chaos, and ultimately, authoritarian social control (as a subsequent next step). The NRA has been funneling millions from Russia into GOP campaigns and has established a comfortable alliance with Putin to destroy the social order in the US. Why? For the NRA, it means money: huge profits from the gun-buying free-for-all that spikes every time a massacre erupts. So what we have is a convergence of similar interests among the GOP, Putin's Russia, and the NRA. It's a cozy arrangement, for as long as there's "plausible deniability" that these three forces are collaborating.

Mueller's investigations are exposing this alliance. And quite frankly, the Special Counsel's office is the ONLY entity in the nation that is properly addressing the Russian coup that's taken over the White House. The SC's office is our last and final defense. Trumpy would like nothing more than to dismantle the SC's office and get rid of the investigation. It only takes a smidgeon of rational thought to conclude that Trumpy is a Russian stooge, a Russian agent of influence, and a traitor, and the reason that so many people connected to Russia who were in the Trumpy campaign, the transition, and the White House is the fact that Putin wanted his people in the White House to set up a fundamental change in governance. He succeeded, partly due to his ability to foment chaos.

A Democratic theme for the coming elections.

This is a time for change. The Democratic Party has to stand for something. Here are four policy issues, interconnected, that should be the tip of the spear of Democratic Party leadership:

1. Infrastructure improvement paid by the federal and state governments.

2. Definitive increases in funding for public education, at all levels of education. Education is paid with taxpayer dollars.

3. Universal healthcare.

4. Renewable energy development.

We want a nation that's healthy, well educated, and is open to commerce and a sustainable high quality of life.

These policy areas will all be paid for by INCREASING TAXES ON THE WEALTHY and CORPORATIONS. Taxes on these segments MUST increase for a healthy economy. For the cost of universal health care and education, progressive taxes should be paid by all.

The current tax structure is simply not sustainable. It will crush the economy and transform the nation into a third world oligarchy.

Bernie Sanders was right and continues to be right: these policies are backed by the vast majority of citizens. The Dems must seize the moment and show the way.

The Logic of the Situation:

1. Nunes and the House GOP members negotiated in BAD FAITH when they demanded and received classified information from DOJ, then exposed that classified information to their members and then to the public.

2. Trumpy used that exposed classified information, through BAD FAITH negotiations, to smear the Department of Justice and the FBI.

3. Robert Mueller, now working for the FBI, knows that both the House GOP members AND Trumpy used classified information to sully and degrade the FBI and the entire system of justice. Mueller, based upon evidence, can now strike down any pretense of GOOD FAITH negotiations with Trumpy's legal team as they are negotiating with the Mueller's attorneys for a more "protective" deal for Trumpy.

4. Mueller can easily conclude that since Trumpy is in collusion with House members who negotiated in BAD FAITH, Trumpy, too, will risk BAD FAITH negotiations to further his agenda.

5. Mueller, then, is entirely justified in ending the negotiations with Trumpy's lawyers and issue a subpeona for Trumpy to appear, without his lawyers, before a Grand Jury to answer questions about Obstruction AND Conspiracy. Trumpy proved that he cannot be trusted in ANY negotiation setting.
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