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Member since: Thu Dec 29, 2016, 11:41 AM
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Chuck Todd and Cory Lewandowski:

That was a really bad interview. Lewandowski is a propagandist. Chuck Todd should have known better.

A bloodhound's choice: The terrorism leads back to the White House.

1. The bombs are being manufactured and distributed by an ORGANIZATION. It can no longer be considered to be the work of a lone terrorist. The logistics aren't conducive to that kind of thinking.

2. Assuming that they deserve their reputation, the FBI/DHS/NSA already KNOW who's making, distributing, and planting the bombs.

3. That arrests haven't already been made suggests that a delay in doing so is deliberate.

4. The delay in "cracking the case" is because of the "sensitive" nature of the discoveries.

5. The reason that there's "sensitivity" is because law enforcement found that the evidence leads to one of the Trumpy organizations or an associate of Trumpy or a Trumpy family member.

6. The reason that Trumpy isn't making a major national speech decrying the terrorist attacks is because he's supporting the attacks and the attackers.

7. By telling the media to change their ways "Fast", Trumpy is threatening the political opposition with further threats and actual violence. Trumpy is the shadow commander of the domestic terror organization.

8. As if this post isn't filled with enough "wild speculation", here's another: Trumpy Jr. is directly involved. So is Eric Prince. Both are providing (at a minimum) technical assistance to the organization that's terrorizing the political opposition. The organization is at least loosely affiliated with the Proud Boys.

Based upon what we currently KNOW, and what the information stream suggests, I'm estimating that these speculations are about 70% accurate. But the general drift of the data is clearly pointing toward Trumpy's support of these domestic terrorism events, and, logically, his tacit approval-- at a minimum.

Let's remember that Trumpy practices evil. There are no redeeming qualities. He has no intention of doing anything that's helpful to 99% of the population. He never did. He's bent on destroying the lives of his opposition, the same kind of driving force that he's shown for decades. Every target of the bombs is also his rhetorical target. Every one. And he's not relentlessly condemning the terrorism, which is what he MUST do to convey an appropriate message. If he's not totally committed to stopping the terrorism, he's giving it all a wink and a nod in the same way that he acknowledges white supremacists, neo-Nazis, the KKK, and Russian interference in the elections. It's a logical part of his plan to consolidate his power.

NYT's Mike S. Schmidt: the Judith Miller of our time.

Schmidt is now spreading nonsense about Rosenstein's alleged desire to quit, partially to avoid Trumpy's verbal abuse. This is his third, by my count, major mishandling of information in recent weeks. Sounds like someone else is slipping money into his pocket.

I suspect that something's going on and it's not good.

Yesterday, I was trying to access the Huffington Post main page and kept getting a 404 message. No such server. Today, was trying to return to the "Latest Threads" tab on DU and I kept getting the message that there was no such location. These issues each lasted for several minutes. It's never happened before, in my experience.

It's possible that hackers are penetrating secure sites. I suggest that readers be wary of any anomalies and post them when appropriate.

I just saw this tweet from Mensch's TL:

Putin pal Artem Klyushin tweeted out the list of security clearances to be revoked 2 days before the July 26 th WH memo

Originally posted by @GiddyHeyde, the actual text from Klyushin is in Russia.

So, Uncle Vlad, whos your bitch?

So, Trumpy, who owns you?

Niccolle Wallace...

Did a great show today.

Find it on a podcast or network replay. Worth the time.

Oh. Im not affiliated with Wallace or MSNBC in any way.

Guess what? Stephen Miller, the self-proclaimed child torturer,


This is according to Wikipedia.

Miller has no empathy and can't even have sympathy. He doesn't know what it's like to be a parent, doesn't care. His policy to torture children is one of the more enjoyable aspects of his present position. "It was a simple decision," he proclaims. Miller is married to evil.

MSNBC, NYT's Michael Schmidt, and the 49 questions

I've heard Mr. Schmidt, a frequent MSNBC guest, and others on MSNBC's shows refer to the now-famous "49 questions" as a list of questions that Mueller wants to ask Trumpy in the ever-unlikely event that Trumpy submits to an interview. By now, the list of questions is taken for granted that it came from Robert Mueller, or his team of investigators.


To the MSNBC staff: please correct Michael Schmidt every time he asserts that these questions came from Mueller. It is fundamentally dishonest not to acknowledge that the questions came from Trumpy's defense team, and NOT from Mueller. The questions were reportedly assembled by Mr. Sekulow, who's hired by Trumpy to PROTECT HIM. These questions were strategic in their placement in the media, but the NYT and Michael Schmidt are inaccurate and irresponsible in NOT attributing the questions to Trumpy's legal team, and not Mueller. Indeed, the MSM, the NYT, Schmidt, and the MSNBC staff are treating the questions' false origins as fact. Stop this nonsense and speak the truth.

Mentioning the unspeakable: suicide

Don't laugh. Don't cry. Don't dismiss.

Trumpy's been manic about his influence over the nation ever since he opened his campaign. We know it was for all the wrong reasons.

We know that Trumpy can best be described as narcissistic in a malignant sense. He's dangerous and self-righteous.

We can assume that Trumpy is evil, misdirected, mentally deficient, foaming-at-the-mouth mad, supremely vain, or anything else that makes sense. It doesn't matter. Trumpy ACTS as if he doesn't know the extent to which he's caused pain and suffering for those who were left in the wake of his dishonesty, deceit, and destruction. He acts as if he is so enraptured by his election win, he can't pay attention to anything else, including all of the damage he's done.

As the pressure mounts to hold Trumpy accountable for all of his crimes and misdeeds, he resists. He always resists. He knows the charges. He knows which are true. But he doesn't care because he truly believes he knows how to win against all odds. He can commit atrocities, and ruin the lives of countless victims, but he believes that the legacy of his life, that of an unrelenting winner against all legal limits, moral boundaries, and even common sense, is a glorious human triumph of exceptionalism over the mundane.

But the closer his perceived and real adversaries get to pulling away his cloak of exceptionalism and superiority, the less Trumpy will have to mentally and emotionally stay intact.

As a mental health worker for several decades, I once came upon an expert in what was then called "The Criminal Personality." In one of the lectures he gave, he commented on the likelihood of suicide by someone described as sociopathic. In essence, he spoke of the potential in sociopaths of having a "clear moment" in which the person has a truthful and impactful insight regarding all of the people who were hurt by the sociopath-- a moment when the defenses against responsibility and accountability temporarily disintegrate, leaving the person overwhelmed with guilt, sadness, and unworthiness. The tidal wave of emotions can be so devastating that the person may conclude that there is no positive aspect to living beyond any given moment, and decides that the only way to stop the pain (both in others and within) is to stop living.

I relate this comment made over thirty years ago to what I'm inferring is happening to Trumpy. He may very well be on the same path of eventually realizing the massive suffering he's caused not only the individual people in his life, but, as a political leader, also to the millions of people whom he's never seen or heard. And from there, it's quite possible that the overwhelming emotions, compounded by impending political, personal, and financial doom, may be what takes him over the edge.

I'm not interested in seeing him off himself, whether in or out of office. But I think that those around him ought to be thinking of this possibility. Trumpy is only human and will always react to situations in a human manner. No one in the media or in everyday conversation is accustomed to thinking about this possibility, but it may be time to do so. It may soon be time to put Trumpy on a suicide watch.

Here's a crazy-ass prediction: Trumpy's gone in six weeks for six reasons.

Maybe I'm living in my own carefully designed bubble, but I think something's afoot that's going to take most of us by surprise. Trumpy will leave the White House much sooner than the paid pundits expect. Here are the reasons:

1. Avenatti and Daniels are screwing Trumpy big-time. I don't know who paired these two, but they'e a dynamite team. Avenatti is at the top of his game. Right now. And Daniels is seemingly pushing him to new heights. Both know Trumpy's huge weak spot and they're blowing it wide open.

2. The weak spot? Loss of media exposure. It castrates Trumpy and shrinks him to the size of a prune. This is the strategy to which Avenatti refers when he characterizes his moves as "three-dimensional chess". Trumpy has no way to keep himself in office without constantly owning the narrative and flooding the media with his presence. We all know that he's all flash and no substance, but we didn't calculate that someday or other, his ability to own the media with his personal narrative would collapse. And it has, right now. Without media manipulation, Trumpy can't have tantrums, he can't shout and point, he can't hold events or create controversies or distract from the Mueller investigation. He clearly can't govern, so that's out. What's left is a heap of hair and flesh gulping a diet Coke, plumped in front of a flat screen replaying segments of Fox and Friends. Oh. He's a "friend." And the TV sofa chattlings are likely his only friends.

3. Trumpy can't hire lawyers to defend against Mueller or Daniels/Avenatti. He can't replenish his departed staff. He's trying to bring back banished former staffers, but that's not happening because everyone to whom he talks has to hire an attorney. He may even fire Kelly and be his own Chief of Staff, which will be another rolling disaster. So now he has ONE defense attorney who's sadly overmatched by Mueller and his A team.

4. Trumpy is not following the Roy Cohn Commandment: When attacked, counterattack with ferocity, every time, with overwhelming force, and never admit a mistake. Trumpy is failing because he's not attacking Daniels/Avenatti in the Roy Cohn tradition. Of all the possible symptoms of his demise, this is perhaps the most serious. Daniels and Avenatti have taken away his Cohn-ness. Now Trumpy looks ineffective, weak, cowardly, and sniveling. Melania has symbolically left him to avoid imagining herself as the shamed and smitten wife. He's alone with few confidantes, if any.

5. Left to his own devices, without the media clutching at his every pause, and with an emptied White House staff, Trumpy is barely holding on to any semblance of an ability to govern. He has no agenda of his own, except to keep his base skittish and jumpy: for the next rally, the next bevy of accusations toward his usual suspects, for the next media spin. All of his distractions are losing their spark. He's coming face to face with his enemies: his ignorance, his low self-esteem, his impulsiveness, his narcissism, his cowardice, his lies,... and the Special Prosecutor. And for good measure, let's remember the AG of New York, lurking just behind Mueller.

6. Even Congressional Republicans, all of them Trumpy's equal in the cowardice department, will publicly talk about Trumpy's inability to manage a governing administration. Trumpy is besieged by investigations, lawsuits, a fleeing Administration staff, and an increasing flock of veteran losers as replacements. Trumpy was disillusioned with DiGenova and sent him packing. He'll likely do the same with TV terror John Bolton, whose bloodlust won't go down well with Trumpy's two scoops and chocolate cake. When hiring Bolton proves to be yet another big error, Trumpy's circus tent will begin to fold and he'll look for the most direct escape route out of DC. He'll neglect to feed the lions on the way out.

Pence, who's got his own problems with Flynn and giving him access to classified information, may not be heir to the throne when Trumpy leaves his golden toilet behind. But that's a discussion for another time.

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