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Member since: Thu Dec 29, 2016, 11:41 AM
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I have a question about Robert Mercer.

How could he have become a billionaire without being a globalist? And what kinds of excuses does Steve Bannon use to take Mercer's money?

Whoever wants to persue these questions and present them as op research can take the ideas and go with it.

Bannon is one stupid prima donna.

He fell hook, line and sinker for Russia's cover story. He actually thinks that Putin is a white nationalist. Putin is nothing of the sort. He had Bannon figured out years ago and he's been stringing him along with this Dubin bullshit about white nationalism. When Bannon discovers the truth, he'll want check out and never return, so to speak. Putin is an internationalist of the worst kind, so utterly pragmatic and imperialistic that Bannon AND Trumpy think he's spearheading some kind of fantasy movement that will set every white man free (Women don't count in this movement.). When Bannon finds out that he's been taken for a royal ride, he'll shit his pants big time. I hope he does his own laundry.
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