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What's wrong with everybody? The GOP philosophy is in plain sight, and no one sees it!

The blogs and news sites are filled with angst and disbelief that the Ryan Medical Insurance Plan is so wrong headed, we ask, how can Ryan and others EVER conclude that this plan has merit. I can tell you why.

One of the dominant philosophical underpinnings of the GOP's perspective is NEO-CONSERVATISM. That philosophical viewpoint comes from decades ago, touted by Strauss and Kristol (William's father) and a handful of others.

Neo-Conservatives worry about the survival of the species and believe that natural resources must be conserved.

One of their solutions to slowing the dwindling of natural resources, according the Neo-Conservatives, is "De-population."

De-population means what it suggests. The slower the rate of increase of human beings on the planet, the better. De-population can occur in a number of ways, most of them not very pleasant: war, famine, starvation, disease, natural disasters, etc.

The Ryan Plan is an expression of the Neo-Conservative solution for preserving natural resources. By having people die earlier, they'll use up fewer resources. It's simple. This explains why Ryan is so pleased with the fact that his plan will take tens of millions of people off medical services. THEY'LL DIE EARLIER! That's what he wants!

We seem to be afraid to attribute to Ryan and the GOP any hypothesis that they want people to suffer and die to save money. That seems so dehumanizing and antithetical to holding human life as sacred and valued above all else.

But suffering and dying EARLY is what the GOP is advocating. It's not that they didn't know what the results of their plan would be if implemented. "Oh. We didn't know." That's the game they're playing. They damned well DO know. They want people to suffer soon and die early.


Your reply header function is messing up. It keeps closing when typing. I can't write the reply headers.

Wow. Huckster Ryan blew a big hole in GOP credibility.

What on earth is this guy NOT embarrassed? He's got the Oregon embarrassment, Greg Walden, slobbering all over himself with new-found notoriety, on his left, and goofball McCarthy on his right. Ryan is leading THESE TWO?

Ryan's pitch was more fast talk than hard talk. It sounded like Ryan had just gulped down a triple espresso before he hit the press conference-- full of confidence in his style of presentation, knowing better than the rest of us that the content of his bills lacked anything of substance for the common citizen.

Ex-NSA analyst: Intel sources say White House targeting journalists with help from Russian intel

Whoa! Again, it's true. Every day brings "something worse" than yesterday.


Attempted.Re-post of "InvestigationDoc" at a member's request

A member requested a copy of the Trump-Russia Investigation, which is a compendium of events and timelines involving Trumpy and Russia. The file no longer uses a google link. I can't upload the file to DU, in either compressed or full format, but can attach the document via email. It's pdf file that won't upload to DU, unless I'm getting something wrong. Let me know through DU email, and I'll send it.
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