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One Organization Did The Math And It Seems The Numbers Behind Sen. Mitch McConnell's Reelection

Source: Political Tribune

According to vote tallies in the election, McConnell was somehow able to rack up an insane amount of votes in traditionally Democratic strongholds, including some counties that he had never before carried in an election. Given his dismal approval rating, even towards the end, and the fact that literally 1 in 5 Kentucky voters turned in a ticket with a vote cast for Donald Trump for President and Amy McGrath for Senate, it just doesn’t make sense.

And DCReport may have discovered what the problem is — vote tabulation machines made by Election Systems & Software.

The report from the non-profit organization breaks down, piece by piece, the wide and resounding discrepancies they found in the voting system in McConnell’s state of Kentucky, including discrepancies between the vote counts for presidential candidates and down-ballot candidates and counties carrying more voters on their rolls than they have voting-age citizens in their area. But the short of it all is this; the Trump team had spent the past few weeks railing against the Dominion Voting Systems, claiming that the system was flipping votes for Trump into Biden votes. But as is customary with Donald Trump and his people, if you want to find the true issue, look in the opposite direction of where he’s pointing.

The investigation conducted into McConnell’s election win determined that the counties that saw an alarming leap in votes for Mitch McConnell were not using Dominion voting machines — they were using ES&S. If you were to take this vote flipping theory and swap ES&S for Dominion, you would suddenly have a pretty clear explanation for why Amy McGrath’s votes didn’t line up with Joe Biden’s.

Read more: https://polinews.org/one-organization-did-the-math-and-it-seems-the-numbers-behind-sen-mitch-mcconnells-reelection-do-not-add-up/

I had heard about this very early after the 2020 Election. I have told numerous people and to see exactly what I believed had happened in print this morning. I am making my first post on Democratic Underground and I read it every single day as the first thing I read in the morning. Thanks to all and to the people who run for an outstanding factual based website. In fact, when I'm in the car, I listen to Tom Hartman and one day he said he read your site and it was excellent. Let's hope someone takes this up maybe even congress investigates.

Voter Suppression prevalent in Red States

I think the average voter does not realize all the voter suppression that was done during the 2016 election in especially red states. I myself did not realize the extent of the tactics that can be used to suppress voters. I looked up voter suppression in the United States and Wikipedia has 10 pages which really explain what voter suppression is and what forms it can take. I learned a lot. I am planning on giving this paper out to fellow teachers where I teach because I truly believe there are many people in our communities that are busy raising children working at jobs where they cannot read the internet during the day, grocery shopping, and tending to their families when they come home. I am an older women and can listen to what I want on the TV and read a lot.

AM Joy also looked at voter suppression and its impact on the 2016 election and the potential for 2018. After reading these articles, I'm starting to get paranoid about even the special elections that are coming up in many states.

I am a teacher and so used to dispensing information and I truly feel if more people realized what is truly going on and how crooked the GOP is that concept alone could help us win elections.

I desperately want people to stop beating up Hillary, her message, her personality, her weak character, her email server, etc. etc. etc. The ton of orange fat sitting in the White House now, his stupid family, and his stupid cabinet and assistants need to be FIRED!

I am trying to do everything that I can to educated and rally support for the BLUE TEAM.

Syrian Refugee that Only Wants To Go Home and Blames Obama

Would wager a bet that INCOMPENTENT DONNIE AND PUTIE are behind this man going on all the network shows claiming Obama was so bad, Donnie did wonders, and He only wants to go home. Nicki [who did not support Cheeto] Haley mentioned this refugee this morning on Jake Tapper after Tapper asked her why "unpopular chief did not support refugees" but Nicki said "you saw the Syrian refugee on TV he WANTS TO GO HOME AND LIVE IN HIS OWN LAND. Our president recognizes that" she sprouted out.

I think KellyAnne is giving her lessons behind the scene.
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