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Cannibalism Quells Contagion Among Caterpillars

I wonder if this will give Trump any ideas on how to "reform" our health care system... our immigration "problem", or "incentivize" our economy...

Cannibalism Quells Contagion Among Caterpillars

Cannibalistic caterpillars prevent disease from decimating their populations by removing infected individuals. Emily Schwing reports.

Ben Van Allen collects caterpillars. While doing postdoctoral research at Louisiana State University, Van Allen saw that some of the caterpillars were having others for lunch. Rather than cry over his losses, Van Allen took advantage of the cannibalism for his research.

“Generally speaking, it’s nutritious to eat the same species, because they have all the nutrients that are already inside you, so it’s an easy-to-process meal.”

“It also reduces the amount of competition you are going to experience – it’s just one fewer individual trying to eat the same food you are, in the same area. And it’s usually easy to find members of the same species too, since they live in the same place you do.”

Van Allen and colleagues collected the caterpillars to study disease transmission in Lepidoptera—moths and butterflies. After observing the cannibalism they wondered if their subjects’ appetite for each other might be dangerous for the individual—if it ate an infected cousin—but benefit the group—by removing the infected individual from the population.

“Our main point is that, while that is an individually risky thing for a cannibal, as populations are more cannibalistic, they actually prevent diseases from getting into the population in the first place.”

Van Allen’s study is in the journal American Naturalist. [Benjamin G. Van Allen et al, Cannibalism and Infectious Disease: Friends or Foes?]

It was released at the same time as a study in the journal Nature Ecology & Evolution that showed that chemicals produced by plants can ward off caterpillars, by inducing the caterpillars to eat each other instead of the plants. [John Orrock, Brian Connolly and Anthony Kitchen, Induced defences in plants reduce herbivory by increasing cannibalism]

“It would be kind of an ironic thing, if a disease was coming into this caterpillar population and the plants caused them to become more cannibalistic and that prevented the disease from coming in and actually ended up worse for the plant than it was in the first place.”

Worse for the plant because the cannibal behavior caused the caterpillar population to wind up up healthier—and hungrier.

(click on link above for audio report)


EPA slams reporter over story on flooded toxic waste sites in Houston

Source: CBS News

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a press release Sunday that slammed a reporter by name over a story about the flooding of toxic waste sites in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

"Yesterday, the Associated Press' Michael Biesecker wrote an incredibly misleading story about toxic land sites that are under water," said the release written by Associate EPA Administrator Liz Bowman.

It went on to say that he "had the audacity to imply that agencies aren't being responsive to the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey." Beyond stating that the report was inaccurate, the EPA accused Biesecker of creating "panic" and of politicizing the work of first responders "who are actually in the affected area," as opposed to Biesecker, who the EPA stated was "reporting from the comfort of Washington."


However, Biesecker's report says that this information was not released by the EPA until "hours after the AP published its first report." Biesecker went on to point out that the EPA said it "had not yet been able to physically visit the Houston-area sites, saying the sites had 'not been accessible by response personnel,'" though it had checked on Superfund sites in Corpus Christi, which had "no significant damage."

Read more: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/epa-slams-reporter-over-story-on-flooded-toxic-waste-sites-in-houston/

Looks like the EPA has been Trumpified and is joining his war on journalism.


If "history" was the true reason for hanging onto display of Civil War statues on public property...

... then there should be no objection to erecting statues of the following 19th Century American people all over the South, in front of court houses, schools, city parks, etc..., including but not limited to:

1) John Brown (white abolitionist who led a slave rebellion)

2) Nat Turner (African American who led a slave rebellion)

3) Dred Scott

4) Booker T. Washington

5) Ida Wells

6) Harriet Tubman

7) Frederick Douglass

The White House is undergoing major renovations

Wouldn't this be a great opportunity to change all the locks?


Toxic waste from U.S. pot farms alarms experts

The downside of the pot industry...

Toxic waste from U.S. pot farms alarms experts

WEAVERVILLE, Calif. (Reuters) - Pollution from illegal marijuana farms deep in California's national forests is far worse than previously thought, and has turned thousands of acres into waste dumps so toxic that simply touching plants has landed law enforcement officers in the hospital.

The volume of banned or restricted pesticides and illegally applied fertilizers in the woods dwarfs estimates by the U.S. Forest Service in 2014, when a top enforcement official testified that the pollution was threatening forest land in California and other states.

California accounts for more than 90 percent of illegal U.S. marijuana farming, with much of it exported to other states from thousands of sites hidden deep inside forested federal land, and more on private property, law enforcement officials said. The state is still developing a licensing system for growers even though legal retail sales of the drug will begin next year, and medical use has been allowed for decades.

Ecologist Mourad Gabriel, who documents the issue for the Forest Service as well as other state, local and federal law enforcement agencies, estimates California's forests hold 41 times more solid fertilizers and 80 times more liquid pesticides than Forest Service investigators found in 2013.

Telltale signs of a liar...

You can tell someone is lying by how they blink when they are claiming to be stating a fact.

Just saw a re-run of clips of Trump denying he knew anything about his sons and aides meeting with Russians and colluding to influence the eleciton.

He's blinking like someone threw a handful of dust in his eyes.


He knew all about it, he approved it, and he won because of it.


Myths about Sulfites and Wine

Myths about Sulfites and Wine

If drinking red wine gives you a headache, you’ve probably had someone tell you that sulfites are the likely culprit. Perhaps you’ve been advised to stick to white wine, organic wines, or wines made in Europe on the grounds that these will be lower in sulfites.

Let’s clear up some of the most common myths and misunderstandings about sulfites, wine, and headaches.

Sulfites in Wine

First, a little background: Sulphur dioxide (or SO2) is a chemical compound made up of sulfur and oxygen. It occurs naturally but can also be produced in a laboratory. It’s used to preserve foods and beverages, which it does by acting as an antioxidant and antimicrobial.

Sulphur dioxide has been used in winemaking for thousands of years, ever since the ancient Romans discovered that it would keep their wine from turning into vinegar. To this day, winemakers use sulphur dioxide to preserve the flavor and freshness of wines.

By law, wines that contain more than 10 ppm (parts per million) sulfite must be labeled with the words “contains sulfites.” There are also upper limits to how much sulfite a wine may contain but the regulations vary by region. In the European Union, wine may contain up to 210 ppm sulfites. In the U.S., the upper limit is 350 ppm.

(end of article excerpt)

Lessons learned:

White wines can have more sulfites than red wines.

Sulfites have been added to wines for centuries.

Sulfites occur naturally in wine as a byproduct of fermentation.

Sulfites are required for most wines to prevent them from spoiling or turning to vinegar in storage. Sweet wines contain more sulfites than dry wines, probably because the higher sugar content of sweet wines make them more susceptible to spoilage (more food for bacteria and mold to feast upon).

Sulfites probably do not cause headaches.

Many other foods contain sulfites, more than wine, such as french fries, dried fruit, candy, frozen fruit juice, potato chips, soda, processed meat, etc. Note that all these are processed foods and have sulfites added to prevent oxidation and spoilage. Of course, fresh fruit, homemade fries, etc. would not have added sulfites.

About 1% of the population has sulfite sensitivity, and one of the symptoms is headaches. But for the 99% who are not sensitive, headaches after drinking wine are unlikely to be related to sulfite content.

Also check out: http://www.quickanddirtytips.com/health-fitness/healthy-eating/myths-about-sulfites-and-wine?utm_source=sciam&utm_campaign=sciam

We have a gangster presidency...

So... what do we do about it?


Senator McCain says Republican healthcare bill likely dead

Source: Reuters

A senior U.S. Republican senator predicted on Sunday that the Republican bill to roll back Obamacare would likely fail, adding to growing signs that the bill is in trouble.

"My view is that it's probably going to be dead," Senator John McCain, a senior U.S. Republican, said on the CBS program, "Face the Nation."

The Senate bill, which faces unified Democratic opposition, has been further imperiled during a week-long recess where several Republican senators have had to return to their states and face constituents strongly opposed to the bill. Senators return to Washington on Monday.

The Senate bill keeps much of Obamacare intact but strips away most of its funding. It repeals most Obamacare taxes, overhauls the law's tax credits and ends its Medicaid expansion. It also goes beyond repealing Obamacare by cutting funding for the Medicaid program beginning in 2025.

Read more: http://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-healthcare-mccain-idUSKBN19U0Q1

Mussolini made the trains run on time. Hitler turned them into death trains.

Trump will combine the two and make Mexico pay for it all.

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