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Member since: Sun Dec 25, 2016, 04:42 AM
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What George Bush and Barack Obama were really chuckling about at the inauguration...

This is effin' hilarious!

(Sorry if you already seen it. If not, watch ALL of it.)

What kind of party will you throw when Trump is gone?

Huge disco dance party?

Intimate gathering of close friends and family, sipping wine and (for the kids) fruit juices?

Major parade down Main Street, complete with baton twirling?

Just a private sigh of relief that the Dotard is gone?

What's in your Trump presidency survival kit?

I'm looking for suggestions of what to gather in order to weather the disaster that is the Trump presidency.

Of course I'd rather that he gets booted out of office or resigns, but in the event that he lasts a full four years, how can one minimize the damage he does to one's self, and one's friends and family?

Any thoughts?


This country ranks No. 1 for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (its not America)

This country ranks No. 1 for ‘life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’ (it’s not America)

Norway ranked the No. 1 place for happiness and personal freedom, according to an analysis of three separate studies on life expectancy by the World Bank, on civil liberties from Freedom House, a New York-based nonprofit that conducts research on advocacy and democracy, on happiness from the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN), a group linked to the United Nations, and on rule of law from the World Justice Project, a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit.


The U.S. has seen its happiness slide happiness over the last decade. In 2007, it ranked No. 3 among the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development countries. Last year, it was 19th, down from 13th the year before. “The predominant political discourse in the United States is aimed at raising economic growth, with the goal of restoring the American Dream and the happiness that is supposed to accompany it. But the data show conclusively that this is the wrong approach,” the report concluded.

For those interviewed in the report, perception is reality. At least, as far as their happiness is concerned and, experts say, the divisive political climate likely hasn’t helped. “The United States can and should raise happiness by addressing America’s multi-faceted social crisis — rising inequality, corruption, isolation, and distrust — rather than focusing exclusively or even mainly on economic growth, especially since the concrete proposals along these lines would exacerbate rather than ameliorate the deepening social crisis,” the report said.


The U.S showed less social support, less sense of personal freedom, lower donations, and more perceived corruption of government and business, it said. “America’s crisis is, in short, a social crisis, not an economic crisis… Almost all of the policy discourse in Washington, D.C. centers on naïve attempts to raise the economic growth rate, as if a higher growth rate would somehow heal the deepening divisions and angst in American society. This kind of growth-only agenda is doubly wrong-headed.”

Hawaii Developer Under Fire For Segregated Poor Door For Renters

Source: Huffington Post

HONOLULU ― A real estate developer in Hawaii is under scrutiny for its plans to build a residential high-rise that has two separate entrances: One for high-income residents and another for low-income earners.


The high-rise will include 78 affordable rental units for people earning 80 percent or less of the area median income, as required by Honolulu’s affordable housing strategy. The other 351 units will be market-priced condominiums. If things go as ProsPac plans, the units will be separated with two entrances.


The condo owners will be able to enjoy the property’s pool, cabanas, dog park, fitness center and theater, according to the Honolulu Star-Advertiser. The renters will be barred from using those amenities.


“This approach is a response to international best practices in space management and forward thinking about the kind of urban density that will work best for transit-oriented community planning.”

Read more: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/poor-door-planned-for-hawaii-high-rise_us_5a234729e4b03c44072e06ee?section=us_business

The best part is the last paragraph, which is a statement by the developer's assistant director attempting to justify the segregation.

George Orwell couldn't have put it better.

Why don't they just refer to the affordable units as "slave quarters"???

GOP deficit hawks fear tax plan is secret budget-buster

GOP deficit hawks fear tax plan is secret budget-buster

The GOP has yet to resolve an internal clash over whether expiring tax cuts will really expire, potentially threatening the party’s push for a desperately-needed legislative achievement.

On one side are the White House and top congressional Republicans, who argue that ultimately all the tax cuts in their plan will be extended, even the ones slated to lapse. But that’s exactly what the party’s small, but mighty, bloc of deficit hawks is afraid of.

And as the Senate steams toward a vote next week on its massive tax overhaul, the fight over the bill’s true sticker price may be the deciding factor for the bill.

It was bad enough, in the deficit hawks’ view, that key provisions in the House bill expire in five years and that lawmakers already assume they’ll get extended. But their concerns multiplied after the revised Senate GOP tax plan proposed winding down a host of popular tax cuts for individuals after 2025. The tax cuts were made temporary to trim the official cost of the bill, but deficit hawks fear Congress will simply extend them — further adding to the government’s red ink.

Of course, it could all be part of an attempt to revive the long since discredited tactic of "Starve The Beast", where attempts to roll back regulations and restrictions are defacto accomplished by denying funds to various government agencies. And Trump is the master of bankruptcy - managing to continue to rake in profits while sticking creditors, vendors, workers, and the American taxpayer will the bills. Trumps biggest accomplishment may be to destroy our government from within; which is why he must be stopped as soon as possible.

Win a free trip to Trump Hotel DC, paid for by the NRCC, no donation required!

Enter early, enter often!


Watch Representative Jeffries expose Jeff Sessions as a liar and a perjuror...


I have it on good authority that Roy Moore never tried to french kiss his teenage dates...

He calls them freedom kisses...

Hannity Fans Destroy Keurig Machines After Company Pulls Ad

Source: Yahoo.com/news

Sean Hannity fans protested Keurig by posting videos of the coffee machines being destroyed after the company pulled their ads from the host’s show.

Hannity supporters began to use the hashtag #BoycottKeurig on Sunday, with many vowing to never use their products again. However, some took it a step further, posting videos of themselves destroying the coffee machines. As seen in the footage, one user put sparklers in their machine and then threw it in a pool.

The event became a trending topic on Twitter after Keurig announced on November 11 that they would be stopping their ads from Hannity’s show. The company pulled the ads due to the host’s coverage of the sexual misconduct allegations against Alabama Senate candidate Ray Moore.

Hannity retweeted several videos and tweeted his thanks to his supporters. “I am humbled and speechless and frankly laughing my ass off,” he said.

Read more: https://www.yahoo.com/news/hannity-fans-destroy-keurig-machines-172031399.html

Looks like American right wingers have expanded from the politics of personal destruction to the politics of small appliance destruction...

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