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50 years later, disagreements over young Trumps military academy record

50 years later, disagreements over young Trump’s military academy record

From the moment 17-year-old Donald Trump was named a captain for his senior year at New York Military Academy, he ordered the officers under his command to keep strict discipline. Shoes had to be shined. Beds had to be made. Underclassmen had to spring to attention. Then, a month into Trump’s tenure in the fall of 1963, came an abrupt change.

The tall, confident senior with a shock of blond hair was removed from that coveted post atop A Company and transferred to a new job on the school staff — another prestigious assignment, but one with no command responsibilities. He moved out of the barracks and into the administration building, swapping jobs with a fellow high-ranking senior who took command of Trump’s old group....

In Trump’s telling, he was elevated as a reward for stellar performance. “I had total control over the cadets,” he said in a recent interview. “That’s why I got a promotion — because I did so good.”

Former cadets recall the change differently. They say school administrators transferred Trump after a freshman named Lee Ains complained of being hazed by a sergeant under Trump’s command. School officials, those cadets say, were concerned that Trump’s style of delegating leadership responsibilities while spending a lot of time in his room, away from his team, allowed problems to fester.

He'd have been tweeting from his room while problems in his command festered, just like today.

How can he be promoted out of the Oval Office?


Exclusive: Russians Impersonated Real American Muslims to Stir Chaos on Facebook and Instagram

Source: Daily Beast

The Facebook group United Muslims of America was neither united, Muslim, nor American.

Instead, sources familiar with the group tell The Daily Beast, it was an imposter account on the world’s largest social network that’s been traced back to the Russian government.

Using the account as a front to reach American Muslims and their allies, the Russians pushed memes that claimed Hillary Clinton admitted the U.S. “created, funded and armed” al-Qaeda and the so-called Islamic State; claimed that John McCain was ISIS’ true founder; whitewashed blood-drenched dictator Moammar Gadhafi and praised him for not having a “Rothschild-owned central bank”; and falsely alleged Osama bin Laden was a “CIA agent.”

Sources confirmed that the imposter account bought Facebook advertisements to reach its target audience. It promoted political rallies aimed at Muslim audiences. And it used the Twitter account “muslims_in_usa” and the Instagram account “muslim_voice” to pass along inflammatory memes under cover of the UMA. The Twitter account has been suspended, and the account on Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, was shuttered at around the same time as the Facebook page.

Read more: http://www.thedailybeast.com/exclusive-russians-impersonated-real-american-muslims-to-stir-chaos-on-facebook-and-instagram?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+thedailybeast%2Farticles+%28The+Daily+Beast+-+Latest+Articles%29

Collusion runs deep...

California sues Trump administration over border wall

Fight for California!

California sues Trump administration over border wall

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - California filed a lawsuit on Wednesday over the Trump administration’s plan to construct a wall along the border with Mexico, adding to the obstacles facing one of the Republican president’s key campaign promises.


The border wall lawsuit filed in a San Diego federal court alleges that Trump’s wall violates federal environmental standards, as well as constitutional provisions regarding the separation of powers and states’ rights.

Representatives for the U.S. Justice Department declined to immediately comment on the case.

The lawsuit asks a judge to stop the administration from building the wall until it demonstrates compliance with environmental laws, and issue an order that the Department of Homeland Security cannot waive any federal guidelines in order to facilitate the project.

How many Trumps does it take to screw over a generation?

Just one.



Facing 'enormous' legal bills, Michael Flynn establishes legal defense fund

Source: ABC News

Relatives of retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, one of the key subjects of multiple investigations into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, made a rare public statement Monday to call attention to the “tremendous financial burden” the probes are placing on former advisers to President Donald Trump.

“The enormous expense of attorneys’ fees and other related expenses far exceed their ability to pay,” said Michael Flynn’s siblings Joe Flynn and Barbara Redgate.

They made the statement to bring attention to a legal defense fund they have formed to help raise money for their brother, who briefly served as Trump’s first national security adviser, after joining the Trump campaign as an adviser in 2016. Michael Flynn was forced to resign after just 24 days as national security adviser, after it was revealed that he misled Vice President Mike Pence about his conversations with Russian officials during the presidential transition.

Read more: http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/facing-enormous-legal-bills-michael-flynn-establishes-legal/story?id=49925298

I wonder how much that will be in rubles...

WH: Trump has done more for bipartisanship in 8 days than Obama in 8 years

Source: The Hill

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Wednesday that President Trump in the last eight days has done more for bipartisanship than former President Obama did during his two terms as commander in chief.

"This president is negotiating on behalf of the American people, exactly what he was elected to do. The idea that you keep trying to distort this into a bad thing is exactly why this president was elected,” Sanders said in response to a question about the president’s upcoming meeting with Democratic leadership.

“They were sick and tired of business as usual, they wanted somebody who would break up the status quo, that would bring people from both sides of the table together to have conversation. This president has done more for bipartisanship in the last eight days than Obama did in eight years," Sanders added.

Read more: http://thehill.com/homenews/administration/350506-white-house-trump-has-done-more-for-bipartisanship-in-8-days-than

Anyone who believes Trump's latest con, as voiced by known liar Sarah Sanders, might be interested in a bridge he also wants to sell.


Shut up, slave!: A spilled Starbucks drink leads to sidewalk fight and hate-crime

Source: Washington Post

Felony hate crime charges have been filed against a man who was caught on video unleashing a racist tirade and turning violent outside a Chicago Starbucks three months ago, officials said.

William Boucher, 24, was originally charged with misdemeanor battery June 6 after he "became irate" when someone spilled a drink on him inside the coffee shop, police said. Boucher's rant ended in his spitting and throwing a punch at apparent strangers outside the Starbucks, sending one man to the hospital, police said.

In August, a judge issued a no-bond arrest warrant for four new felony hate crime charges and four upgraded felony aggravated battery charges against Boucher, according to the Cook County State's Attorney's Office. Boucher was booked into the Cook County jail Saturday, with bond set at $50,000, jail records showed.

If convicted, Boucher will face probation or two to five years of prison for each of the aggravated battery charges, and one to three years of prison for each of the hate crime charges, the state's attorney's office said.

Read more: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-nation/wp/2017/09/13/shut-up-slave-a-spilled-starbucks-drink-leads-to-sidewalk-fight-and-hate-crime-charges/?utm_term=.2f64ded120f5

Another lovely Trump supporter?

Cannibalism Quells Contagion Among Caterpillars

I wonder if this will give Trump any ideas on how to "reform" our health care system... our immigration "problem", or "incentivize" our economy...

Cannibalism Quells Contagion Among Caterpillars

Cannibalistic caterpillars prevent disease from decimating their populations by removing infected individuals. Emily Schwing reports.

Ben Van Allen collects caterpillars. While doing postdoctoral research at Louisiana State University, Van Allen saw that some of the caterpillars were having others for lunch. Rather than cry over his losses, Van Allen took advantage of the cannibalism for his research.

“Generally speaking, it’s nutritious to eat the same species, because they have all the nutrients that are already inside you, so it’s an easy-to-process meal.”

“It also reduces the amount of competition you are going to experience – it’s just one fewer individual trying to eat the same food you are, in the same area. And it’s usually easy to find members of the same species too, since they live in the same place you do.”

Van Allen and colleagues collected the caterpillars to study disease transmission in Lepidoptera—moths and butterflies. After observing the cannibalism they wondered if their subjects’ appetite for each other might be dangerous for the individual—if it ate an infected cousin—but benefit the group—by removing the infected individual from the population.

“Our main point is that, while that is an individually risky thing for a cannibal, as populations are more cannibalistic, they actually prevent diseases from getting into the population in the first place.”

Van Allen’s study is in the journal American Naturalist. [Benjamin G. Van Allen et al, Cannibalism and Infectious Disease: Friends or Foes?]

It was released at the same time as a study in the journal Nature Ecology & Evolution that showed that chemicals produced by plants can ward off caterpillars, by inducing the caterpillars to eat each other instead of the plants. [John Orrock, Brian Connolly and Anthony Kitchen, Induced defences in plants reduce herbivory by increasing cannibalism]

“It would be kind of an ironic thing, if a disease was coming into this caterpillar population and the plants caused them to become more cannibalistic and that prevented the disease from coming in and actually ended up worse for the plant than it was in the first place.”

Worse for the plant because the cannibal behavior caused the caterpillar population to wind up up healthier—and hungrier.

(click on link above for audio report)


EPA slams reporter over story on flooded toxic waste sites in Houston

Source: CBS News

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a press release Sunday that slammed a reporter by name over a story about the flooding of toxic waste sites in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

"Yesterday, the Associated Press' Michael Biesecker wrote an incredibly misleading story about toxic land sites that are under water," said the release written by Associate EPA Administrator Liz Bowman.

It went on to say that he "had the audacity to imply that agencies aren't being responsive to the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey." Beyond stating that the report was inaccurate, the EPA accused Biesecker of creating "panic" and of politicizing the work of first responders "who are actually in the affected area," as opposed to Biesecker, who the EPA stated was "reporting from the comfort of Washington."


However, Biesecker's report says that this information was not released by the EPA until "hours after the AP published its first report." Biesecker went on to point out that the EPA said it "had not yet been able to physically visit the Houston-area sites, saying the sites had 'not been accessible by response personnel,'" though it had checked on Superfund sites in Corpus Christi, which had "no significant damage."

Read more: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/epa-slams-reporter-over-story-on-flooded-toxic-waste-sites-in-houston/

Looks like the EPA has been Trumpified and is joining his war on journalism.


If "history" was the true reason for hanging onto display of Civil War statues on public property...

... then there should be no objection to erecting statues of the following 19th Century American people all over the South, in front of court houses, schools, city parks, etc..., including but not limited to:

1) John Brown (white abolitionist who led a slave rebellion)

2) Nat Turner (African American who led a slave rebellion)

3) Dred Scott

4) Booker T. Washington

5) Ida Wells

6) Harriet Tubman

7) Frederick Douglass

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