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Member since: Sun Dec 25, 2016, 04:42 AM
Number of posts: 2,465

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Gonna wash that man right out of my White House...

(from huffpost)

If Trump didn't pay federal income tax for 18 years...

Why should I?

Whither Melania Trump? 12 days without a public sighting

Too busy binge-purging?

Whither Melania Trump? 12 days without a public sighting

Scientists find 'oldest human ancestor'

Well, I guess that proves Trump is human, after all.

Who knew?

Scientists find 'oldest human ancestor'

If the UN invaded the USA and deposed Trump, would you....

1) Take up arms and repel them
2) Take up arms and join them
3) Praise God
4) Praise Allah
5) Praise Buddha
6) Sit back and enjoy the show

6 Cringe-Inducing Moments From Trump's First Week You Might Have Missed...

6 Cringe-Inducing Moments From Trump's First Week You Might Have Missed. It's easy to get lost in the president's blizzard of vileness.

Amid the mounting horrors of Donald Trumpís first week in office was a stunning amount of boneheaded ridiculousness. The president's executive order banning Muslims and refugees from seven countries rivals Japanese internment camps for racism and spurred mass protests at airports Saturday. Mixed with this cruelty was Trump's ongoing tantrum about his inauguration crowd size and his popular vote loss. He and his puppeteer, Steve Bannon, declared the media the opposition party and picked an absurd fight with Mexico that Trump deservedly lost.

Deplorable firsts this week included a sitting vice president attending an anti-abortion rally, a president muzzling the agency designed to protect Americans from environmental toxins, Trumpís assertion that torture works against all known evidence, and a deliberate attempt to use his august office to perpetuate the debunked racist myth of mass voter fraud.

Some of the horror was downright laughable, like Kellyanne Conwayís Orwellian coinage of ďalternate facts,Ē Sean Spicerís (and apparently Trumpís) murky understanding of how tariffs actually work, and the presidentís apparent belief that aerial photography, when it comes to the size of his inauguration crowd, is somehow unreliable...

1. Trump further blurred the line between the White House and his family business.
2. He obsessed over the size of his inaugural crowd to a mind-bogglingly absurd degree.
3. He appointed two 20-something right-wing nutjobs to head up Voice of America.
4. He showed a fourth-grade understanding of human rights, children's rights and women's rights. What, no spanking?
5. He proved on the world stage that he really does not get the whole free press thing.
6. He made it clear that the White House does not want to hear from you.

President Trump Celebrates Year of the Rooster

What do you hate most about Trump?

1) Grating voice when he's haranguing at a rally.
2) That whiny "nice" singsong voice when he thinks he's being nice.
3) The ridiculous hair bob.
4) That enraged chipmunk look he gets when he's yelling with upper and lower teeth displayed.
5) Those purty pursed lips when he thinks he's made some fine point.
6) The dainty teacup hold: thumb and middle finger forming a loop, with index finger extended.
7) The smug Mr. Froggy smile.

Please feel free to add to the list.

I have to stop now, I'm making myself ill.

9 Terrible Things Trump Has Done in Just a Week

9 Terrible Things Trump Has Done in Just a Week

Itís been just seven days since Donald Trump took office. While the media spent most of that time spilling digital ink over inauguration numbers, the new administration was diminishing womenís health and safety around the world, chipping away at health care for millions of Americans and pouring money that could feed and insure children into a useless garbage heap along the border. It was a bad week for politics and decency, which have always been on bad terms, but are now dead to each other.

There were other things, too. Trump threatened Chicago with martial law on what he thought was a double-dog dare from fellow racist Bill OíReilly. He promised to install monitorsómoles and glorified tattletales, reallyóto oversee federal agencies and report back to top brass at the White House. After again trotting out the lie about immigrants and dead people voting, Trump promised an investigation into the widely debunked issue of election fraud (though not on Russian election meddling), which should begin with his own family and staff. Speaking of Steve Bannon, the grand wizard of the so-called alt-right and White House senior adviser continued the Trump teamís cynical campaign to keep their base paranoid, uninformed and stupid by pretending their boss is a victim of the press. And as the final, delusional cherry on the poisonous cake, Trump compared himself to Abraham Lincoln.

Trump also signed a bunch of executive orders. Far more important than the background noise you hear is the crazy that Trump is codifying into law. These plans and policies will wreak irreparable havoc and damage, causing suffering and pain to millions, in the U.S. and beyond. This is just seven days' worth of destruction; imagine what will happen over the next four years.

1. Greenlights the Dakota Access and Keystone pipelines.
2. Reinstates the anti-abortion global 'gag rule' that will increase the number of unsafe abortions around the world.
3. Scraps a money-saving fee cut for new homeowners.
4. Freezes federal hires.
5. Begins plans to build the big, stupid wall and other nods to his base of anti-immigrant hysterics.
6. Targets sanctuary cities.
7. Starts dismantling the Affordable Care Act.
8. Demands half-assed environmental reviews so development can proceed, consequences be damned.
9. Puts gag orders on multiple government agencies; removes vital internet content.

Free Radicals, pro and con

Apparently free radicals and oxidants are vital to cell health. In short, cellular defense systems respond to viral and bacterial infection by releasing free radicals to destroy the intruders. Additionally, oxidizers play a vital role in cell metabolism, key to many energy and synthesis pathways, to wit, the familiar redox equation of basic college chemistry. Not entirely coincidentally, these powerful elements or compounds are capable of damaging ells and components as well. They've been implicated in various types of inflammatory and cancer disorders. They also may accelerate or catalyze the degradation of nutrients, for example, the polymerization of polyunsaturated fats into viscous and probably unhealthy structures.

Not entirely coincidentally, the potential for harm from free radicals and oxidants elicited a search for ways to defeat them, especially since lab experiments seemed to show a protective action of substances loosely grouped into the category of antioxidants seemed to counteract the oxidizing action. But the results to epidemiological studies have been mixed, which may actually be in part because free radicals and oxidizers are so vital to life - in the right places at the right times - to begin with. This conundrum should not be confused with "pseudoscience". Rather, it's indicative of a situation far more complex than a shotgun approach with attempted neutralizing modalities can effectively address.
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