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Gender: Male
Hometown: Kansas
Member since: Sat Dec 24, 2016, 04:04 PM
Number of posts: 10,838

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Great picture of two presidents!

LOL, Fox now running this story on front page: "Could a probe of Hillary's email server be reopened?

They have to be in panic mode!


Wow, United has started a new Advertising Campaign to address this mess.......

Since 2007, the DEA has taken $3.2 billion in cash from people without charging them with a crime

This is the real reason for the "War on Drugs" IMO.....

The Drug Enforcement Administration takes billions of dollars in cash from people who are never charged with criminal activity, according to a report issued Wednesday by the Justice Departmentís Inspector General.

Since 2007, the report found, the DEA has seized more than $4 billion in cash from people suspected of involvement with the drug trade. But 81 percent of those seizures, totaling $3.2 billion, were conducted administratively, meaning no civil or criminal charges were brought against the owners of the cash and no judicial review of the seizures ever occurred.

That total does not include the dollar value of other seized assets, like cars, homes, electronics and clothing.

These seizures are all legal under the controversial practice of civil asset forfeiture, which allows authorities to take cash, contraband and property from people suspected of crime. But the practice does not require authorities to obtain a criminal conviction, and it allows departments to keep seized cash and property for themselves unless individuals successfully challenge the forfeiture in court. Critics across the political spectrum say this creates a perverse profit motive, incentivizing police to seize goods not for the purpose of fighting crime, but for padding department budgets.


Trumps wall......

Even today, our idiotic, asshole president still has a 43% approval rating! HOW???

It has be be from right wing idiots who know is is crazy but just will not admit they made a mistake!



If you could know the exact date of your death, would you want to know?

Assuming you cannot avoid the death!

I would! Because I would spend my last week differently. Take off work, etc.

My first original post. Thank you Donald Trump!

Because of you I signed up for a monthly donation of $25 to Planned Parenthood and $25 to the ACLU monthly. I added a $25 to St. Jude monthly also.

I was not engaged much before the election, but I sure the hell are now!!!

Even thought the WWII quote about Pearl Harbor is not legit, it still applies here......

I hope the asshole, Mr. Trump (not 'President Trump') is thinking this right now......

"I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve"

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