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"If the House will not agree to the adjournment..."

"If the House will not agree to that adjournment, I will exercise my Constitutional authority to adjourn both chambers of Congress. The current practice of leaving town while conducting phony proforma sessions is a dereliction of duty." -DT 4/15/20 WH Daily Briefing

Police department reminds residents to wear pants while checking mailbox

Taneytown (Maryland) Police are reminding residents to wear pants when checking their mailbox.

In a Facebook post, police said "please remember to put pants on before leaving the house to check your mailbox."

Police also stated "You know who you are. This is your final warning."


Fauci: Coronavirus immunity cards for Americans are 'being discussed'

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, acknowledged Friday the federal government is considering issuing Americans certificates of immunity from the coronavirus, as the Trump administration works to better identify those who have been infected and restart the U.S. economy in the coming weeks.


N95's: Guess where the only source of K10S cedar paper pulp is produced?

If you guessed Canada...


Secret Service sign $45,000 golf cart rental in Sterling, VA -home of Trump National


Trump says it 'doesn't seem fair' that 30 million Americans are uninsured...

Trump says it 'doesn't seem fair' that 30 million Americans are uninsured and suggests he may expand Medicare or Medicaid

During Wednesday's coronavirus briefing, the Fox News White House correspondent John Roberts asked Vice President Mike Pence a series of pointed questions about the administration's decision this week not to temporarily reopen the Obamacare marketplace to allow uninsured Americans to purchase coverage during the pandemic.

"There will be people who don't have insurance who get sick before any of these mitigation efforts are put into place," Roberts said. "And without opening the healthcare exchanges, where can they find insurance? People who aren't insured by these companies that are covering the cost of the copays, where can people go, now, to get health insurance if they get - before they get sick?"

Pence did not answer the question but argued that Medicaid and some American health insurance companies were making "inspiring" decisions to waive copays on coronavirus testing and treatment.

[Trump] said it "doesn't seem fair" that so many Americans can't afford to purchase insurance but don't qualify for Medicare or Medicaid - appearing to suggest those programs could be expanded to include more people.


"April distance brings May existence..."

Share the message...

A message from Samuel L Jackson...

"Unemployment will remain elevated as workers learn of generous benefits..."

The COVID-19 pandemic rages on, and the damage being done to the U.S. economy is expected to only get worse.

The U.S. Labor Department will release fresh data at 8:30 a.m. ET on Thursday morning that will show the effect of the novel coronavirus on employment in the U.S. The number of Americans filing for unemployment benefits is expected to spike to a record-breaking 3.7 million for the week ended March 28, up from 3.283 million the week prior. Prior to the week ended March 21, the previous record was 695,000 claims filed the week ended October 2, 1982.

Though consensus estimates were for 3.7 million initial jobless claims for the week ended March 28, the range of estimates on Wall Street are wide, but the major firms expect the number to be in the millions. On the high end, Goldman Sachs expects 6 million claims for the week. Not far behind are Bank of America and Pantheon Macroeconomics expecting 5.5 million claims, while on the lower end, JPMorgan Asset Management predicts 2 million claims.

Claims are likely to remain elevated throughout April, especially as more business owners and workers learn about the more generous unemployment insurance benefits included in the Phase 3 legislation,“ Goldman Sachs economist David Mericle argued.


No; the workforce isn’t terrified of COVID; they’re just looking forward to the opportunity to sit home; lazy; and collect the generous outpouring of unemployment benefits...


We lost one full time income permanently; our retirement savings decimated; and our healthcare evaporated from the fallout to the pandemic.

I can assure you that this “generous” conciliatory gesture is devastating to our household.

Who writes this sh*t?

Report: 78% of American Corporations Living Stimulus to Stimulus

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Department of Commerce issued a concerning report this morning, finding that 78% of American corporations are barely scraping by and living stimulus to stimulus, sources laying naked atop a tiger pelt confirmed.

“It’s dire straits for hard-working legal entities in America, with many businesses struggling to dole out even a cool million in fun money to execs like me,” commented Royal Caribbean’s CEO Richard Fain while holding back tears as he opened a safe hidden behind a painting that was only half full of gold and ivory. “Corporations have already done everything we can to cut operating expenses — we slashed health benefits, reinvested our employees’ 401k accounts into stock buyback plans for our board members, and it’s still not enough. Hell, American Airlines euthanized half their flight crew, but Uncle Sam just pulls his purse strings tighter, sliding us mere single-digit billions: proof the federal government doesn’t give two shits about struggling Ltd’s. We have sharks and huge tanks to buy, damn it!”

Rep. Michael McCaul held a press conference to address legislation he introduced to help executives affected by the economic downturn.

“It’s a crying shame that we’re failing the corporations of this country by wasting millions on paid sick leave that people will just abuse by smoking Schedule-1 marijuana and shirking their economic responsibilities. Corporations are people, too, and since Coca-Cola can’t take a day off, neither should anyone else,” said McCaul, pulling out a binder containing his stimulus bill. “What I’m proposing is a modest $10B for each corporation whose founder doesn’t yet own an island, and a $40B slush fund for cabal meetings on the islands they’ll purchase to stimulate the economy.

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