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What if we just put the vaccine in the McRib sandwich?


Aurora Borealis?

"Exceptional" Meteor Creates Sonic Boom Over Upstate New York

A thundering boom that rocked parts of upstate New York on Wednesday afternoon is now believed to have been caused by an unusually large meteor hurtling through Earth's atmosphere.

The far-reaching noise reportedly shook homes across Onondaga County, leaving some residents mystified, and prompting fears of a gas explosion. According to Robert Lunsford, a "fireball report coordinator" with the American Meteor Society, the boom was produced by an impressively large and durable meteor blowing up over Syracuse.

"Normally meteors completely disintegrate while they're high in the atmosphere," Lunsford explained to Gothamist. "If they can survive down far enough where atmosphere can carry sound waves, you can hear a sonic boom."

Overcast skies in Syracuse blocked most sightings there, but the American Meteor Society has recorded 64 reports, from Buffalo to Maryland, of people witnessing the meteor shortly after noon on Wednesday.





There are angry ladies all over Yankee Candle’s site reporting that none of the candles they just got had any smell at all. I wonder if they’re feeling a little hot and nothing has much taste for the last couple days too.

5:21 PM · Nov 24, 2020

Hospitals Know What's Coming

Perhaps no hospital in the United States was better prepared for a pandemic than the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha.

The Atlantic


“We are on an absolutely catastrophic path.”

Groundhog Day...

Starting early...

Me thinks good things are ahead today...


Student-designed tear gas safety mask wins top industrial design award

While the use of tear gas has long been banned in warfare (thanks to the 1925 Geneva Protocol), law enforcement agencies around the globe are still permitted to use this chemical weapon and others like it for riot control. Sometimes those riots are not riots at all, but peaceful gatherings and protests.

When widespread pro-democracy protests broke out in Hong Kong over the summer of 2019, tear gas became a favorite deterrent of Hong Kong police forces, with some agencies estimating that more than 2,000 canisters were being fired into crowds every day.

Halfway across the world, these events prompted a group of students in the Virginia Tech School of Architecture + Design to take action. Using the protests in Hong Kong as a design challenge, industrial design students Alex Munro and Claudia Hasenfang, along with recent industrial design alumni Cole Powell and Ian Annis, created the Temporary Eye and Respiratory (T.E.A.R.) Mask.

The result of almost a year’s worth of design iteration and prototype refinement, the T.E.A.R. Mask was recently recognized by the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) with a 2020 Industrial Design Excellence Award (IDEA), one of the discipline’s highest honors.


Composition is everything...


I have no words...

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