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The end of the Trump-Fox feedback loop

Early in his administration, it seemed novel but almost frivolous to reveal the source of the president’s tweets. The Fox-Trump feedback loop explained that Trump fixations like NFL players who protest racism and seemingly random presidential statements about topics like his administration’s aviation record resulted not from madness or strategy, but from his inability to stop posting about what he was watching. It was unnerving that the president preferred to learn about the world through the lens of right-wing propaganda, and it was troubling how quickly his tweets could upend the news cycle, though his habits didn’t necessarily seem dangerous.

But as Trump’s presidency continued, this dynamic between the president and his preferred network began playing a major role in federal policy. Fox News personalities and guests became aware of the power their shows had over the president and tried to leverage it, with some success.

That pattern reached a crescendo in 2020, with deadly results. Fox News’ coverage consistently downplayed the danger posed by the coronavirus pandemic, and Trump was watching. He sent live tweets of Fox News segments promoting the use of untested antimalarial drugs as possible “game changers” for COVID-19 treatment; claiming that social distancing measures would be more damaging than the virus; and endorsing anti-social-distancing protests. And he warped the federal response to match the network’s take, even putting the radiologist Dr. Scott Atlas on the White House coronavirus task force because he liked Atlas’ Fox News appearances promoting a minimalist response to the pandemic. Fox’s coverage got Americans killed specifically because the president was watching the network, taking notes, and tweeting out his thoughts.

His removal is already improving the information ecosystem. Online misinformation about election fraud plummeted by 73% after social media companies banned Trump and some of his key allies, Zignal Labs reported. Notably, without access to Twitter, the president was unable to promote Fox reports that fueled his apparent belief that antifa was behind the Capitol riot.


“The president’s TV addiction inspired at least 1,375 tweets dating back to September 1, 2018. The vast majority came in response to his favorite programs on the pro-Trump Fox News and Fox Business networks.”

2 National Guard members removed from DC mission over militia ties

Source: Associated Press

WASHINGTON - Two U.S. Army National Guard members are being removed from the security mission to secure Joe Biden’s presidential inauguration.

A U.S. Army official and a senior U.S. intelligence official say the two National Guard members have been found to have ties to fringe right group militias.

The Army official and the intelligence official spoke to The Associated Press on the condition of anonymity due to Defense Department media regulations. They did not say what fringe group the Guard members belonged to or what unit they served in.

Contacted by the AP on Tuesday, the National Guard Bureau referred questions to the U.S. Secret Service and said, "Due to operational security, we do not discuss the process nor the outcome of the vetting process for military members supporting the inauguration."

Read more: https://www.fox5dc.com/news/2-national-guard-members-removed-from-capitol-mission-over-militia-ties

"Via Getty"

After rioters stormed the US Capitol last week, one of the surreal photos that emerged showed a smiling man walking off with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s lectern in the Rotunda. Then things got even more bizarre: people began calling for “Via Getty” to be arrested for his actions.

Getty Images chief photographer Win McNamee was the man behind the now-infamous photo that was quickly published by news outlets around the world.


It seems so many people were confused that Lizza had to follow up his Tweet with a clarification:




US Capitol illuminated in pillars of light.

A total of 56 pillars, representing 50 states and U.S. territories, surrounded the US Capitol and the National Mall ahead of Democratic President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration.

#DC #FieldOfFlags

This is what happens when you schedule 'the boogaloo' during NFL Playoffs weekend...

Free marijuana with COVID vaccination?


" 'Hold the Line' rally at the Minnesota Sate Capitol. Maybe a dozen protesters..."


Reddit front page:

Any minute now; we can expect a rage Tweet...

Oh. Right.
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