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Gender: Male
Member since: Wed Dec 21, 2016, 01:42 PM
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Let's nominate Snooki from the Jersey Shore to be President!

I mean, why not just take the quicker route of riding celebrity to idiocracy?


There is only one argument in support of Franken

That the allegations are not credible. PERIOD. Any other argument does not work or is hypocritical.

I am hearing the same people who told Moore supporters that this is politics and not a court of law now say Franken deserves due process. If Franken wants due process he will get it, by the way.

I am hearing people say that Republicans get away with it. That's the worse argument yet; should we speed the degradation of politics along it's way?

I am hearing that the bigger progressive goals are too important to hold an individual responsible for harrassing behavior. Really? The end justify the means? If we don't hold to our principles, how are we better?

Almost everyone pointing out that the taking the moral high ground isn't helping us. Don't people understand that if we don't hold onto the very best we can, than those who don't will only drag us down more easily? I believe we are in the middle of a huge political backlash right now. Moore, Trump and company are the result of those who have held privilege acting out of fear of losing it. But the arc of progressivism is still climbing over the long haul. In fits and starts, sure. There will be backsliding, but how far back actually depends on how hard we hold on to those principles that move us upward.

So for me, the only argument I will only listen to is that the allegations are not credible. Everything else is hypocracy.

9 years. I should have posted here...

On Monday I got 9 years sober. I didn't think to post it here and then I was reminded that we celebrate not for ourselves, but so that others can see recovery is possible.

I'm old school recovery and by the grace of God, and a willingness to do his will, it has really worked for me.

I'm reluctant to cast stones against Republicans

Based upon harassment allegations. We just don't know how much glass our house is made of. All the money paid in Congressional harassment cases likely involved both sides of the aisle.

We have to win on our message, not just their misdeeds.

Interesting Trump Parallel

So while he was running for office, Trump repeatedly stated that China was "raping" America with their trade. But when he talks to China directly, he says that he doesn't blame China, America "let" them do it, so of course they did it.

Hmmmm... that rings familiar somehow.

Keeping people with mental health problems from having guns...

How can that really be done? We have to wait until they have already done something bad to identify them, right? In many of these cases the mass shooting (think paddock) is the first bad thing and then it is too late. The other option is to create a mental health database where we compromise everyone's confidentiality so some macho fools can own assault weapons.

I have an easier solution: ban assault weapons. Before you hit me back with the "we can'ts" and the gunsplaining, understand I will not be convinced that this is anything short of a lack of political resolve.

85 dead, 547 wounded in two shootings. How many would that have been if they only had hunting rifles?

Terrorists couldn't have scripted better reactions for themselves from Trump

Trump's reactions to the terrorist attack on the bike path is just what the radical Muslims ordered. First, he blew the xenophobic anti-immigration dog whistle. Second, he used the incident to blame political opponents, not the radicals, for the incident, contributing to domestic divisiveness. Third, he incited fear and nativist reactions ("not in America!" ) designed to loosen people's grip on personal liberties. Finally, he undermined an American governmental institution (the courts) by declaring them impotent.

Isis must be thrilled.

FGCU offers 'White Racism' class

A special topics class offered at Florida Gulf Coast University gave some students pause at its title.

"White Racism" is among classes available for the spring semester at the university.

While the title left some questioning the topic, others appreciated the approach. Either way, most students agreed the description for the course left them interested in signing up.

Course description
"In this course, we will interrogate the concept of race; examine the racist ideologies, laws, policies, and practices that have operated for hundreds of years to maintain white racial domination over those racialized as non-white; and discuss ways to challenge and disrupt white racism and dethrone white supremacy in the service of engendering an anti-racist society where whiteness is not tied to greater life chances."


Trump's big announcement for opiod addicts:

"You're on your own."

Trump only gave himself a 10 on handling Puerto Rico

He said he deserved a 10 for the disaster response. My question is why didn't he give himself an eleven?

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