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Member since: Wed Dec 21, 2016, 02:42 PM
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Trump's big announcement for opiod addicts:

"You're on your own."

Trump only gave himself a 10 on handling Puerto Rico

He said he deserved a 10 for the disaster response. My question is why didn't he give himself an eleven?

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How to help stop systemic sexual harassment

If my doctor commits medical malpractice, or even settles a malpractice case, the verdict or settlement must be reported to a National Practitioner's Data Bank. I think it is time we do the same with companies and individuals where there is alleged harrassment. That information does not need to be made public, just like with the the doctors, but should be reviewed by the EEOC.

I have been around long enough to know that if there is smoke, usually there is fire. Apparent repeat offenders should be looked at more closely and people should not be allowed to get away with things for years (Like Weinstein, Ailes and Uber). If both the employing company and the individual is reported to a system that can monitor patterns, it cannot be swept under the carpet so easily. Now, the rich and powerful just pay settlements that include non-disclosure agreements that allow them to continue their harassment, often for decades.

I understand a settlement of a single case is not proof of wrongdoing. But once the cases become more numerous, it's usually a pretty good indicator that something is wrong.

Can we at least agree "Bump Fire Stock" ownership

by civilians should be a felony? Surely even the gun lovers on here could agree with that?

The Irony of Houston for the Republicans...

They are going to need that "administrative state" like never before for the Harvey recovery. FEMA, EPA, various departments under HHS, the SBA and on and on...

If they keep gutting these Agencies, Houston will be the end of the GOP's hopes to hold on in 2018.

The worst thing the media can do with Bannon...

Is run a story every time the man farts. That is truly what helped Trump. While the MSM was running what they thought was a sideshow 24/7, they were actually legitimizing Trump as a Candidate. Bannon is undoubtedly aware he is going to get a lot of free publicity, way beyond the reach of Breitbart, in the coming weeks.

No. Resignations. None.

None from the Administration, none from the Cabinet. Only from a fake Board and Counsel that didn't even meet.

The rats aren't fleeing, the ship ain't sinking. Stop believing these people have a conscience or that Trump supporters, or even many Republicans, are going to abandon him. Just another day riding the Trump Train.

The President blamed the "alt-left" while denying the existence of an alt-right...

Did anyone notice that?

Trump can't fire Sessions

Without a huge backlash. So he is humiliating him publicly to make him quit. What else can you do when your boss tells everyone he is sorry he hired you? Trump wants an AG that will run interference for him and Sessions can't.

I think Trump went into the interview looking to force Sessions out.

My guess of how the Veselnitskaya meeting went...

So through the Agalorovs and Goldstone, whom Donnie Jr. apparently trusts, a meeting is set up with this Russian “Crown attorney.” The Russians, unlike Junior, know what they are doing, so they promise dirt on Hillary Clinton without going into detail that they really have emails, bunches of emails from Podesta, the DNC, and plan to use the internet to wreak havoc on the electorate. The Russians need to take charge of the campaign, and they want only the inner circle to attend, and not lower level staffers, so they play up the “dirt on Hillary,” highly confidential and sensitive, aspect to get them in the meeting. Trump being the amateur he is, gets excited and starts announcing that he is going to give a “major speech” before he even knows what that dirt will be.

So a hard-nosed woman lawyer (picked because she is a woman - psychology, specifically humiliation, is important) shows up. Now they may not know at this point how these Trump insiders would react to Guccifer2.0 and Wikileaks and fake news as a strategy. Who knows, they may even go to authorities, although intelligence tells them this is unlikely. The Russians know they have to set the table first. How would they set that table?

A little video viewing and everything from there changes… the Russians were now in control.
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