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Member since: Mon Dec 19, 2016, 10:09 PM
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I'm tired of hearing about "being classy"

Every time something bad happens to a GOPer, be it a bullet in the arse or a tumor in the brain, we keep saying "be classy" wish them well and other assorted nonsense.

They don't really wish us well. Hell, if the way they respond to the disabled ADAPT protesters who want the same government healthcare that McCain is getting is any indication, they want us fucking dead. I've seen them call the disability rights activists "fat slobs," every slur for disabled people under the sun, up to and including "useless eater" (while complaining about being compared to Nazis mind you). And of course, their defense for all this is that they are being "politically incorrect."

Hell, this allegedly courageous veteran wouldn't even talk to some disabled people during the recess

So now I'll be politically incorrect. John McCain, Steve Scalise, and any other GOPer who gets what's coming to them, either from the universe or some human lunatic, can go piss up a rope.

Oh and before someone whines that John McCain was a veteran and should therefore be automatically respected, I don't buy that. You know who else was a veteran? The D.C. sniper.
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