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Member since: Mon Dec 19, 2016, 10:09 PM
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I'm not sure Trumpism is about racism or any ism

Rather, I think it's about a hatred of the mere concept of society. It used to be that Republicans generally saw the need for things like environmental protection, anti-discrimination laws, shit like that. Hell, even Nixon had the idea of universal healthcare. They might not have gone as far as we'd have liked, but they admitted these things were valid.

But today not so much. While there are those who are against government purely for financial reasons, a lot of them just hate the idea that they can't do absolutely anything they want. The Republicans have been taken over by the prepper nitwits who have been dreaming of society collapsing into an every man for himself post-apocalypse hellscape since Y2K and have been actively working toward that aim. They dream of a world where no one's telling them they have to be considerate of other human beings and where they don't have to do anything that doesn't directly benefit them then and there.

The same world every 5-year-old dreamed of when he got his ass whooped for being a little shit.

It doesn't help that we've fetishized the whole "lone wolf going off into the wilderness" thing in our culture. We teach endlessly about the pioneers and the Wild West but we've deified them to such a degree that people legitimately want to go back to such days. But we never really taught about why those days left.

It wasn't because some government bureaucrat got bored, contrary to popular belief.

In short, we teach a lot about Daniel Boone and all them. But we don't talk a lot about the Donner Party. We don't talk a lot about the "rugged individualists" who didn't make it.

So what we're dealing with is not so much racism, sexism, etc. But people who genuinely hate society.

I don't care what happens to elderly Republicans anymore

So yeah, now that Trumpcare has been unveiled, Trump's elderly supporters are all pissy because it negatively affects THEM. If Trumpcare only affected people other than them, they'd be sucking Paul Ryan's cock.

We spent 18 months saying that the Republicans would do shit that would screw them. But did they listen? No. They were more concerned about e-mails, conspiracy bullshit, and some social issue bullshit that has literally nothing to do with them.

They called us snowflakes and every slur known to man. They celebrated the idea that the disabled, especially the urban disabled, might die from Medicaid cuts

But now that they're on the chopping block, they're all pissed about it. And they'll stay pissed only until the Senate manages to pull them out of the fire. Of course everyone else will be left in it but as long as the red hat wearing old farts have their healthcare they don't give one iota of a fuck about anyone else,

They deserve to lose their healthcare. And honest to God, I hope they do. Not because I'm under the slightest bit of an illusion that their voting behavior will change. They'd still vote Republican because that's what Pastor Billy Bob said to do.

No I hope they lose their healthcare because they'll die. And then we can get somewhere.
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