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Member since: Mon Dec 19, 2016, 10:09 PM
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A modest proposal: End rural electrification

So, people in rural America hate government intervention in private industry, be they taxes, worker safety regulations, consumer protections, etc. Every good thing that has happened in the last 100 years, they have some philosophical grievance with. So you know what, fine. Let's end a BIG example of interference in the poor oppressed private industry by the big bad government: Rural electrification.

Back in the 30's, there was almost zero interest on the part of power companies in bringing electricity to small-town America. It was simply too expensive. The few places that got electricity got it at exorbitant prices until the Federal government stepped in.

But by the logic of today's rural Americans, they never should have.

1. Providing electricity to rural America is totally expensive. It's more expensive than bringing electricity to urban areas. How dare the Feds tell the poor oppressed power companies how to spend their money. The power companies have the God-given right to choose whether they bring electricity to rural America or not and how much they charge. Damn those Federales for taking that freedom away!
2. There's nothing in the exact text of the Constitution that says the government can make power companies provide rural America with affordable electricity. Even though it benefits millions of people, we shouldn't do it because it's not in the text of the Constitution. Who knows where that would lead? Nazi death camps, that's where!
3. If the government got out of the way, I'm sure someone from the free market will figure something out. If not, rural America being in the dark is still better than the government doing anything. If people had trouble affording electricity, I'm sure charities will manage. And if they don't, people could just move!

So put your money where your mouth is, rural America! Tell the government to turn your power off!

For N.C.'s Disabled People

I got Ryan Watts, the candidate challenging Mark Walker in 2018, to publicly endorse the Disability Integration Act. If you know any disabled people or special needs parents in his district, give em a ring

About that WWII Vet being laughed at in the nursing home

The nursing home industry would have you believe that the video of the WWII vet pleading for help and being left to die is the exception rather than the norm. But ask any disabled person liberated from nursing homes, and they'll tell you that they become horror shows after visiting hours. They're so common in fact that the industry pulls out all the stops to prevent these stories from getting out. The nursing home kept that video under lock and key for three years.

There's a good way to prevent stories like this: Support the Disability Integration Act.

Right now, most states' Medicare/Medicaid programs (the programs that pay for most nursing home residents) prioritize nursing homes. Less abusive, and also (perhaps more important to those who lean to the right) far less expensive options like home-based care, are a distant second.

The Disability Integration Act flips this around. Nursing homes become absolute last resorts.

Granted, this will probably close a lot of nursing homes, possibly kill off the industry, but considering horror stories such as this, it's a good riddance to bad rubbish situation.

Virginia is for many things

lovers, outdoorsmen, but tonight, it's for kicking fascist ass

Maybe we should execute wife beaters

Every other mass shooting seems to involve someone who likes using women as punching bags.

Rural Americans don't want job training


Coal miners won't accept any career other than coal.

Could you imagine, if in 2004 when outsourcing was a big thing affecting urban America, urbanites dug in their heels the way these people are doing now? The cries of take their food stamps and Medicaid would be deafening.
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