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Member since: Mon Dec 19, 2016, 10:09 PM
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Why we will never start school at a decent time (and why our politics will always be fucked)

The data is all there. It makes little sense to start our schools at the crack of dawn. Teens perform better if school starts later, there are fewer car wrecks (and less money spent to clean up car wrecks). Yet despite the data, odds are, high schoolers will be getting up at the crack of dawn until time stops.


We have a cultural obsession with suffering. Somebody has to lose. If a school board proposes starting school at a reasonable hour, you'll get a few people asking about logistics (particularly regarding athletics). But mostly what you get is a bunch of codgers screaming "WELL I WENT TO SCHOOL AT 6 IN THE MORNING! WALKED UPHILL BOTH WAYS! WITH BREAD BAGS FOR SHOES!"

In other words, "I suffered. So should you. Fuck data."

And that's pretty much the story of all our politics. We have adopted the idea that "misery builds character" as our national motto. Any attempt to alleviate misery is a nonstarter. Healthcare? Yeah, the data says universal healthcare would be better. But some people are incensed that somebody else might get healthcare at a reasonable price when THEY had to prostrate themselves before charities. They can't stand the idea of affordable college because THEY had to pay for theirs. And so on.

Our culture says there has to be a bottom rung. There has to be misery. Somebody has to lose.

You can show all the data you want, but to our culture, it doesn't matter.

Forgive mom who killed disabled child?

Not only no but helllll no.


If this "mother" killed her child for being a POC or LGBT, this call for forgiveness would have appeared in InfoWars or DailyStormer. Not Time.

Hell, I doubt she would have gotten paroled at all.

Thinking that a mother who kills a disabled child should be forgiven if she has a good sob story is bigotry.

Dems joining effort to neuter ADA


There are several Dem co-sponsors. Just makes it harder to turn out disabled voters. Time for primaries.

So they're going after the ADA now

And there a couple House Dems aboard too. Clearly Our Revolution should primary them. They aren't Dems.


I'm tired of hearing about "being classy"

Every time something bad happens to a GOPer, be it a bullet in the arse or a tumor in the brain, we keep saying "be classy" wish them well and other assorted nonsense.

They don't really wish us well. Hell, if the way they respond to the disabled ADAPT protesters who want the same government healthcare that McCain is getting is any indication, they want us fucking dead. I've seen them call the disability rights activists "fat slobs," every slur for disabled people under the sun, up to and including "useless eater" (while complaining about being compared to Nazis mind you). And of course, their defense for all this is that they are being "politically incorrect."

Hell, this allegedly courageous veteran wouldn't even talk to some disabled people during the recess

So now I'll be politically incorrect. John McCain, Steve Scalise, and any other GOPer who gets what's coming to them, either from the universe or some human lunatic, can go piss up a rope.

Oh and before someone whines that John McCain was a veteran and should therefore be automatically respected, I don't buy that. You know who else was a veteran? The D.C. sniper.

People mistake "lack of sympathy" for "endorsement" (Scalise shooting)

Am I particularly sympathetic to people who marry Hell's Angels and the like and then are shocked they turn out to be psychopaths? No. Does that mean I think they SHOULD be beaten? No.

On the same token, I'm not particularly sympathetic to the GOP right now. They've actively courted people who think that shooting public officials THEY don't like is patriotic. If Scalise were a member of the EPA or Bureau of Land Management, half the GOP members who are blubbering right now would be calling the shooter a patriot who was "watering the Tree of Liberty" or some BS. And many would say that the shooting is REALLY a false flag.

So yeah, dude SHOULDN'T have been shot but I'm not exactly rushing out to buy him a Get Well card either.

Dare to compare

Kathy Griffin: Traumatizes Barron Trump with tasteless photo and loses multiple invites from Dem events
Alex Jones: Traumatizes mass shooting survivors by insisting that their dead family and friends never existed and spends significant air time slandering them. Gets invited to speak at GOP convention

ADAPT goes to FDA to end electroshock torture


"The Massachusetts-based Judge Rotenberg Center, named for a judge who greenlit the practice in one of the first battles with disability rights groups and concerned government officials, has claimed that the practice is relatively painless and is only used as a last resort when there is imminent danger.

According to advocates, the school is deceiving everyone. Former students and teachers who left because they disagreed with the practice have said in sworn testimony that the school uses the shocks for any random reason. ADAPT and many other organizations, including the United Nations, have called the practice torture."

Personally, I think it's past time the FDA got on this. They've been stalling to appease "desperate" parents for too long. Shut it down and direct state child protective agencies to sic social workers on any parents who squawk about it. Anyone who is cool with electroshocking another person's kid for twitching wrong is cool with doing anything to their kid.

Disability group takes on Trump


"#Disability rights groups have been staging actions ever since #Donald Trump got elected. One group leading the charge is Americans Disabled Attendant Programs Today -- otherwise known as ADAPT. The group, known for bold public actions, is trying to get an audience with the #White House to issue a list of demands to improve the lives of disabled people across America."

Pro-pot users sometimes hurt their case


"You know why the anti-Prohibition movement was so successful in the 30's? The people who wanted it ended were honest.

They just wanted to get drunk and admitted it. They pointed out that enforcement of the law was causing a lot more harm than good. They didn't say that alcohol would cure every disease. They didn't say that alcohol had no downsides. They didn't insult potential allies. Alcohol would probably be illegal today if every other pro-alcohol person was trying to pass off beer as a full serving of vegetables.

If you want to use pot in the privacy of your own home and you don't think it's the government's business, just say that. People would have a lot more respect for you than if you go around claiming you're trying to cure every disease known to man."
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