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Member since: Mon Dec 19, 2016, 10:09 PM
Number of posts: 458

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Maybe we should execute wife beaters

Every other mass shooting seems to involve someone who likes using women as punching bags.

Rural Americans don't want job training


Coal miners won't accept any career other than coal.

Could you imagine, if in 2004 when outsourcing was a big thing affecting urban America, urbanites dug in their heels the way these people are doing now? The cries of take their food stamps and Medicaid would be deafening.

ADAPT storms Chicago

The group that went to D.C. and helped saved the ACA and Medicaid (several times) is back. They went to Chicago to get a Dem to stop sponsoring a piece of legislation that would gut the ADA


And seriously, Dems, I know some of you work at the precincts, maybe some of you have met House Representatives, know some people at the various offices. Can I give you some advice to pass along? Stop fucking helping the Nazis

Dems turning on disabled people at key moments is why a lot of them don't vote.

ADAPT is in Chicago

They're calling on Bobby Rush to withdraw his support from a measure that would neuter the Americans with Disabilities Act. Naturally, this measure was dreamed up by Republiscum Nazis.

What the hell are Bobby Rush and 10 other Dems who also clearly need a primarying, doing? This is why getting the disabled to vote for us is hard. The GOP always finds Dems who they can convince to turn on us.

Bonnie Liltz (killer of disabled person) begs for mercy


If she killed a child for being black or LGBT, mercy would be out of the question.She ain't no different from Dylann Roof.

Murderer wants mercy

A person who murdered her disabled child wants mercy


She should have been executed. Or at least given life without parole. Instead, the courts bought her piddly ass sob story.

My hope is that disability organizations will show up at Bonnie Liltz's funeral Westboro style. Do NOT let the family put her in the ground thinking she's anything more than a murderer.

Let's talk about conspiracy politics

Everyone on the right is screaming about the alleged horrors of identity politics. AKA when minorities (be they sexual, racial, or disabled) try to advocate for their interests (and only minorities despite white people doing it).

And we seem to be going on the defensive. Frankly, we should start taking the offensive and talking about the right's "conspiracy politics" that has paralyzed all levels of government to the point of being completely useless.

Can't do anything about mass shootings (even flag people who are amassing arsenals) because of conspiracy theorists.
Can't do anything about environmental disasters because conspiracy theorists fear it would lead to government takeovers
Corporate crimes have been routinely abetted by conspiracy theorists who are more afraid of hypothetical government crimes than they are of corporations committing actual crimes.
Can't get universal healthcare, or any attempts to bring healthcare costs down because conspiracy theorists are afraid of death panels.
If a disabled kid dies at school in a botched restraint done by unqualified people, the government won't do anything cause conspiracy theorists get the vapors.

Hell even at the local level we deal with these idiots

Try to improve public transit and you get the Agenda 21 people screaming that it's part of insidious plot to confiscate cars
Ya know why our child services system is such a fucking mess? Because if you funded agencies that investigate child abuse and stopped giving child abusers a million chances, a bunch of people (mostly fundies) start howling about persecution.

Why are RWers embracing bunk "natural cures"?

Used to be that “natural cure” promoters, ya know the people who promote extracts of God knows whatever in place of scientifically proven medicine, used to be the exclusive domain of hippie new age holdovers on the left. But more and more, the radical right is promoting this bullshit.

Some of it can be traced to the hatred of “experts” that permeates large segments of the right. There’s a certain population, especially in rural America, that would do the exact opposite of what anyone with an education level above 10th grade suggested, purely out of spite.

And a lot of it has to do with the various conspiracy websites promoting theories about pharmaceutical companies being out to kill us as part of some drawn out plan of genocide.

But these people hated hippies for 50 years. Suddenly, they’re besties? This seems to have started around the time of the Tea Party revolution. Which makes me think there’s more going on here.

Permit me to indulge in my own theory for a minute. The Holy Grail of Tea Partiers is gutting Medicaid/Medicare entirely. But this is not popular among civilized folks.

But in the last couple Medicaid fights, I noticed something. Right-wingers were telling worried disabled people to just try “natural cures.” A lot of disabled people, myself included, had anti-Medicaid family members telling us to try these bunk “alternative medicines” instead of fighting to keep our access to actual treatments

Worried about losing epilepsy meds? Smoke pot (even if it would violate your lease). Cancer? Try goji berries. Mental illness? Fresh air!

Why? I’m thinking they increasingly want to push these bunk alternative medicine treatments to make themselves feel better about fighting to deny medical treatments to their disabled family members. If they fight to take away their cousin's epilepsy meds and they don't go along with smoking pot as an alternative, it's their fault if they die.

Kinda like “separate but equal.” Ableds can have actual medicine while the disabled and poor can go with alternative medicine (even if it is overpriced bullshit)

Stick a fork in the term student athlete


The NCAA basically said that because there were non-athletes (mostly people with mental disabilities or trauma of some sort) in the phony classes they were using to keep players on the field, they didn't have the power to punish UNC. Essentially the disabled were patsies for this scam.

Guess what? EVERY college is gonna do this shit now. Now that they know all they need is a teensy bit of window dressing to make it seem like the phony classes are for everyone, they'll do it. And when they get caught, they'll just say "UNC did it."

It's over. There is now a big gaping bullet hole of a precedent to get around academic fraud. The NCAA is now only good for making sure players don't get paid.
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