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Member since: Mon Dec 19, 2016, 10:09 PM
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How Dems can win disabled voters

So I’m seeing a lot of new left-wing candidates run for office in 2018. Challenging conservatives in place they’ve never been challenged before. They are awesome. I hope they win, if for no other reason than to give the GOP a good reason to take control of their party back from conspiracy theorists who want to dismantle the government.

And permit me to give them, and all other Democratic candidates for 2018 some advice to get some voters in your corner: Embrace disabled people. And I don’t mean have them on stage for stump speeches or using them in ads (which are good things). I mean have actual good disability policies ready to go and campaign on said policies. In public. Not buried in a white paper on a website. Not on an online video that most people won’t see. In ads on TV. In speeches. Have some people knocking on doors saying “This is what we’ll do to make America more accessible.”

For a long time, Democrats really have been the lesser of two evils in terms of disability rights. Yes, they haven’t been openly hostile towards things like Medicaid but haven’t done nearly enough to move the ball forward either. And sometimes, they’ve been willing to sell us out in ways they’d never be willing to sell any other group out. There are about a dozen Democrats signed onto a Republican effort to dismantle the Americans with Disabilities Act going by the name “ADA Education and Reform Act” (H.R. 620). It would essentially make the ADA impossible to enforce. Could you imagine Democrats signing on an effort to gut the Civil Rights Act? No.

Yet these constant betrayals have led at least half the disability community thinking that both parties are the same and that there’s no point in considering disability issues at all in their vote. Special needs parents had all but given up on Democrats until the Trumpcare debacle. Public schools regarding IEP’s as optional is fertile territory for anti-government folks. How do you fix this? Hint: The answer is not to rely on the GOP candidate saying stupid things about disabled people. You have to actually fight for us.


I don't know why the hyperlink isn't completing. You'll have to copy paste.

Dems must prep for RW backlash if we win 2018

And if/when we win elections, we may have to step up and defend those victories. I don't mean in court. And I don't mean at the election board. I mean "we may have to put 'Any Means' into "By Any Means Necessary." Look at the facts:

When it was thought that Hillary was gonna win, the militia idiots already stated they were going to start standoff after standoff after standoff after standoff to make sure the government was too consumed by their bullshit to do anything else.
A significant portion of Roy Moore supporters won't accept that they were outvoted. And if these types lose control of the government on a mass scale, they won't go quietly.

We can't depend on the police to defend our voters or our candidates. We saw the NYPD's tantrums. You think the police unions will defend the people who want to dismantle the protections from accountability that they've spent millions to protect? More likely that they'll help the militia freak find his sniper perch and take an opportune coffee break.

Winning the elections will be the first step folks. These guys are cray-cray. And the “proper authorities” will aid and abet these people. The prosecutions will half-ass the cases like they always do against the racists.


We can't depend on the police to protect our polling places. Alabama and Virginia have shown the racists that they can't Crosscheck their way to victory. I firmly believe that the Nazis and militias will be using extra-legal means in 2018 and 2020. And not just the standard "Election Day has changed" memes.

And if you think the cops are gonna stop em, look at the social media pages of a good number of cops and pro-cop pages. Quite a lot of "LOL we should be allowed to run over black people and SJWs" memes. They’re going to turn a blind eye to voter intimidation. They're going to let the militants try to use force of arms to invalidate progressive victories. Cops have let violent racists run wild before. Any reports of voter intimidation by the Nazis and RW Militias will be written off as "LOL the Snowflakes are triggered"

It'll be on us to make sure that our people can get to the ballot box safely. And it'll be on us to deal with insurrectionists if they try to stop progressives from taking office with threats of violence.

Because Jeff Sessions sure as hell won't.

Open Primaries? No thanks!


I agree with Bernie on a lot of things (get the pitchforks). Yes, we should get out of the Middle East and other regions where we do more harm than good. Yes, we should rein in Wall Street. Yes, we should not get in trade deals that are transparently written so that corporations can subvert local laws. Yes, we need strong unions. And yes, we need infrastructure improvement across all of America. Even the part whose people will consider infrastructure as part of some conspiracy to herd Christians into gas chambers or whatever the big conspiracy will be on InfoWars.

What I don’t agree with is the idea of open primaries. Open primaries, for those who don’t know, is a system where you can select the candidate who will be on the party’s ballot in the general election whether or not you’re a member of that party (with the caveat that you can’t vote in the other party).

The reasons why I’m against this are twofold:

The GOP won't be nominating clowns again

It cost them most of Virginia and now a Senate seat. The GOP is most likely going to get the "nominate the most morally repugnant candidate to piss off the SJW's" wing (AKA Trumpists) in line. There won't be another Moore. The adults, such as they are, will try and take charge and bring the 4chan brigade to heel.

We need to replicate our successes with turnout here throughout the country. Not relying on the GOP to step on a rake.

Dems in blue states

need to stop playing nice. Hard truth: White people in rural and suburban areas don't give a flying fuck about ANY issues that don't materially affect them.

So it's time we make voter suppression part of THEIR reality.

It's time people in the blue states start doing to red counties what red states do in blue counties. Happening to "forget" to deliver voting machines. Only assigning like one poll worker to a polling place for the sole purpose of creating long long long lines. Closing down most polling places for BS reasons.

And when there's a big stink about it, publicly say that it will continue until this bullshit stops in minority communities.

Women in alt-right complaining about sexism


Ya know, as a progressive, I think we should have some sympathy for people who are victims of misogyny and sexual harassment even if we disagree on other viewpoints.

On the other hand, the alt-right got its start turning a discussion on ethics in game journalism into "Let's send rape threats to women who say stuff we don't like."

The fuck did she think was gonna happen? It's like women who date Hell's Angels and are shocked they're treated like shit

A modest proposal: End rural electrification

So, people in rural America hate government intervention in private industry, be they taxes, worker safety regulations, consumer protections, etc. Every good thing that has happened in the last 100 years, they have some philosophical grievance with. So you know what, fine. Let's end a BIG example of interference in the poor oppressed private industry by the big bad government: Rural electrification.

Back in the 30's, there was almost zero interest on the part of power companies in bringing electricity to small-town America. It was simply too expensive. The few places that got electricity got it at exorbitant prices until the Federal government stepped in.

But by the logic of today's rural Americans, they never should have.

1. Providing electricity to rural America is totally expensive. It's more expensive than bringing electricity to urban areas. How dare the Feds tell the poor oppressed power companies how to spend their money. The power companies have the God-given right to choose whether they bring electricity to rural America or not and how much they charge. Damn those Federales for taking that freedom away!
2. There's nothing in the exact text of the Constitution that says the government can make power companies provide rural America with affordable electricity. Even though it benefits millions of people, we shouldn't do it because it's not in the text of the Constitution. Who knows where that would lead? Nazi death camps, that's where!
3. If the government got out of the way, I'm sure someone from the free market will figure something out. If not, rural America being in the dark is still better than the government doing anything. If people had trouble affording electricity, I'm sure charities will manage. And if they don't, people could just move!

So put your money where your mouth is, rural America! Tell the government to turn your power off!

For N.C.'s Disabled People

I got Ryan Watts, the candidate challenging Mark Walker in 2018, to publicly endorse the Disability Integration Act. If you know any disabled people or special needs parents in his district, give em a ring

About that WWII Vet being laughed at in the nursing home

The nursing home industry would have you believe that the video of the WWII vet pleading for help and being left to die is the exception rather than the norm. But ask any disabled person liberated from nursing homes, and they'll tell you that they become horror shows after visiting hours. They're so common in fact that the industry pulls out all the stops to prevent these stories from getting out. The nursing home kept that video under lock and key for three years.

There's a good way to prevent stories like this: Support the Disability Integration Act.

Right now, most states' Medicare/Medicaid programs (the programs that pay for most nursing home residents) prioritize nursing homes. Less abusive, and also (perhaps more important to those who lean to the right) far less expensive options like home-based care, are a distant second.

The Disability Integration Act flips this around. Nursing homes become absolute last resorts.

Granted, this will probably close a lot of nursing homes, possibly kill off the industry, but considering horror stories such as this, it's a good riddance to bad rubbish situation.

Virginia is for many things

lovers, outdoorsmen, but tonight, it's for kicking fascist ass
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