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Member since: Mon Dec 19, 2016, 10:09 PM
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Capitol Police arrest disability rights protesters for disrupting hearing

Source: The Hill

Disability rights advocates were arrested on Tuesday for disrupting a House Rules Committee hearing to prepare legislation that would create additional requirements for filing lawsuits under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Capitol Police spokeswoman Eva Malecki confirmed that 10 individuals were arrested for “unlawfully demonstrating” in the Capitol and charged with crowding, obstructing or incommoding as outlined by the D.C. code

The House is expected to vote Thursday on the legislation, which would prevent people from filing lawsuits alleging violations of the ADA unless business owners are provided written notice and fail to offer a written description describing improvements. It would also require the Justice Department to create a program for educating governments and property owners on how to improve accommodations for people with disabilities.

But before the bill can reach the floor, it must come before the House Rules Committee. The panel establishes debate parameters, such as any amendments and allotted time on the floor.

Read more: http://thehill.com/homenews/house/373721-capitol-police-arrest-disability-rights-protesters-for-disrupting-hearing

The flaw with this law is that it perpetuates the myth that business owners don't know how the ADA works.

They simply make a choice not to know.

Here is a list of Democrats opposing Americans with Disabilities Act

Or as I call it, a list of Democrats who need primaried

Ami Bera (D-Calif.)
Jackie Speier (D-Calif.)
Pete Aguilar (D-Calif.)
Scott Peters (D-Calif.)
Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.)
Terri Sewell (D-Ala.)
J. Luis Correa (D-Calif.)
Thomas Suozzi (D-N.Y.)
Jim Costa (D-Calif.)
Kathleen Rice (D-N.Y.)
Henry Cuellar (D-Texas)

And I know, a bunch of people will be screaming about how I'm about how I'm demanding "purity." To that I have to ask: Could you imagine a bunch of Dems saying that we should roll back to the Civil Rights Act because some white folks are mildly inconvenienced? Could you imagine Dems saying that it should be legal to discriminate against LGBT people?

This is one of those things that is non-negotiable. If you support gutting civil rights laws for the disabled or anyone else, you're in the wrong party.

Rand Paul is not an outlier

The media tries to paint him as an outlier. Part of the "libertarian-wing of the GOP." but the truth is that Rand Paul is the WHOLE GOP. Full stop.

Rand Paul shut the government down because the budget spent too much money on Americans for his taste (IE any at all).

They don't have a problem with deficit spending. They have a problem with American tax dollars benefitting Americans. They scream about America First but given the choice, they'll choose building stuff in some random country before they build stuff here.

IMO we're beyond penalties for MSU athletics

People are talking about whether or not MSU's athletics program should get the death penalty from the NCAA. I think we're beyond that.

The NCAA and MSU higher-ups knew Nassar was a creep and knew it for years.

Just a thought: When a liquor store repeatedly serves minors with the owner's knowledge, he loses his business license. MSU and NCAA let Nassar stick... Himself, in multiple children over the course of decades.

The questions we should really ask are:

1. Should MSU have accreditation as a university?
2. Should the NCAA have a business license?

After N.C. Court ruling

Dems control the election boards. And there are those who will say that we should be the adults, that we should turn the other cheek.

Screw that. Be as bad as they are. Suppress the hick vote. Do everything the GOP did to blue districts with the blessing of the GOP rank and file. It was all a laugh to them. Time to put the shoe on the other foot.

Close down most rural polling places. Curtail early voting hours in red areas. Send too few voting machines, half of which are broken and have tech support be the stoner from Taco Bell, employ too few poll workers. Just pull that shit in Hillbilly land for a couple years. And then they'll get the picture of why what they did in Charlotte, Raleigh, and Greensboro is wrong.

They don't learn any other way.

Understanding white people

A lot of famous activists have stated that we must reach out to white people. Hate can't drive out hate, when they go low we go high etc. etc. And if we reach to them out of love, and reason with them politely, they'll understand that what they've done to women, ethnic minorities, LGBT people, and the disabled, is wrong

And lemme tell you, as a white guy, it's 100% bullshit.

The truth is that for white people, especially of the straight white able-bodied male variety, to give a shit about anything, it has to affect them. Period.

You couldn't pay them to give a shit about police brutality and overzealous Feds when it was happening to minorities. Then Randy Weaver had a bad day. If Weaver were black, all those white people who have used Ruby Ridge as a rallying cry for the last 20 years would have just said, "well he shoulda done what the cops told him." Sam Weaver would have become Tamir Rice before there was a Tamir Rice, and that would have been the end of it.

And it's the same for all other groups really.

White people don't care about disability rights until they get disabled or have a disabled kid. And even then, their involvement will only go as far as it takes to get themselves or their kids covered. The white suburban moms at Little Lobbyists will bail once THEIR kids are safe and promptly go back to voting Republican because the special ed teacher hurt their little feelings or some shit.

Speaking of, all the people saying special education is a waste of money or making excuses for inaccessibility? Sea of white faces. I've never heard black people say that special ed is a waste of money. Always white people.

Hell, let's get REAL provocative. Making false accusations against black men was practically a sport among Southern white women. Then came Duke Lacrosse. And white men have yet to shut up about that one. But at least they recognize that false accusations of rape are a reality. All it took was a couple hundred years and having the sword being pointed at one of their own.

And really, we must accept that if we want to get shit done in this country, we may need to turn some of their shit back on them.

You want white people to care about voter suppression? Just pull that shit in Hillbilly land for a couple years. Close down most of their polling places and send too few voting machines, half of which are broken, have tech support be the stoner from Taco Bell, and rednecks will be at the table.

Want em to care about discrimination against LGBT people in the medical profession? Just have some LGBT EMTs decide that they won't treat white people because of some moral objection.

Am I the only one who is sick of hearing about "cultural appropriation?"

Seems like every week you get some whiny ass white people complaining about cultural appropriation. Be it a taco stand or a movie about a nonwhite character, these people give the RW Christians a run for the money in terms of perpetual offense.

Let me give you an example:

10-15 years ago, people of color were clamoring for a non-white Disney main character, princess or otherwise. People wanted to see characters of color in non-stereotypical/servile roles. Fast-forward to Moana and Coco, and it's not the white racists flipping out. It's the white SJW's screaming about "cultural appropriation."

The complaint is that Disney is appropriating Polynesian/Mexican culture to make money. The fact that Disney did a bang up job, including making good faith efforts to reach out to these communities during the design phase, is irrelevant.

In the span of a few years, we've gone from "Media corporations should tell the stories of people from other cultures" to "How dare the media corporation make MONEY telling stories about people from other cultures!"

If you want mega-corporations to tell the stories of minority cultures, the fact that they're going to make a profit of it is just a thing you're going to have to accept. That or go back to the days where the only time a black/Hispanic character appeared was to be magical for some white douche.

I can't imagine why people think us LWers are unreasonable. I'm basically convinced that if today's SJW's were alive when Uhura and Kirk kissed, they'd be more pissed off than the Southern racists.

Since we're talking about Haiti

Let's not forget that Haiti is in the condition it's in because it hasn't been allowed to self-govern without a Western gun to its head since its inception. And both conservative and liberal administrations in America have participated

Libel laws are too weak

Everyone's freaking out over Trump saying libel laws are too weak.

Frankly, if libel laws were stronger, a decent chunk of conservative media outlets would have been sued out of existence.

For example, Alex Jones got away with inciting some gun nut to shoot up a pizza place by saying "Oops, my bad!" And all the pizzagate bullshit has been harming business at that pizza place and the surrounding area because customers are afraid of exactly that happening. But it all went away because Alex said my bad. Maybe Trump, for all his bumbling has stumbled onto a point: Our libel laws are laughably weak. If you can spread a bunch of rumors about a pizza shop being a front for a child sex trafficking operation, have it snowball into a dude shooting up the place, and walk away with no material consequences because you make a half-assed apology, that's a problem.

Frankly, I hope Trump goes ahead. Because Infowars, Breitbart, etc. are going to have a lot to answer for. Mass shooting hoaxers, pizzagaters, the Gamergate crap and a whole host of libelous conspiracy theories that make up the majority of the conservative media sphere.

Disabled people/special needs parents need to unite in 2018

It’s almost 2018. A lot of people, both in the disability community and in the special needs parents community have been shocked at our change in fortunes. People have had to march to D.C., not to get the Disability Integration Act passed, not to ban restraints or seclusions, not to ban subminimum wages, but to protect what we have gained. We have an Education Secretary who thinks that whether or not schools have to educate the disabled should be left up to the states (even though last time the choice was theirs, all of the states declined). Republicans won’t fund CHIP unless Democrats agree to sacrifice a different group of disabled people. Medicaid is under constant attack as is the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Yet it didn’t have to be this way. Forty years ago, no politician would dare attack the disabled. Anyone who did risked needing a new job. Both parties took us into account. Even Ronald “government is the problem” Reagan gave us some of what we wanted when he signed the Katie Beckett Waiver, allowing disabled kids to receive services at home instead of having to spend their childhoods in nursing homes for the dying. What changed?

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