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Gender: Female
Home country: United States
Member since: Mon Dec 19, 2016, 08:16 PM
Number of posts: 824

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Joe Walsh is as contemptible as they come, and yet. . .

I have to admit it was refreshing to hear a dyed-in-the-wool tea-bagger go after the orange aberration on Morning Joke this morning (at 38:22).

Is it wicked of me to fantasize

. . .that Epstein is, at this moment, being reincarnated as a girl in a poor Saudi Arabian family?

Citizens might not be powerless.

We have the vote, but who has confidence that the 2020 election won’t be rigged? We can protest, write, call, and visit our “elected representatives,” but how many of them ignore our passion and priorities in favor of their corporate donors? The oligarchs who own our government officials don’t see us as citizens, or even as fully human. To them, we are nothing more than consumers. Therein lies our strength.

The white nationalists can threaten us with their weapons of death. We prefer not to engage in lower primate behavior. That seems to leave us at a disadvantage, but what if we disengage in consumerism to the extent possible? What if we put away our credit cards for, say, till the next election? I don’t know. Just asking.

Here’s the article that got me thinking:
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