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Gender: Female
Home country: United States
Member since: Mon Dec 19, 2016, 08:16 PM
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An argument for not rushing the process.

ďSince the Republicans are acting as Trumpís accomplices,† oversight of this corrupt administration requires that the House keeps the pressure on to prevent them from continuing to engage in criminal behavior and abusing their power. An early Senate acquittal is likely to have the opposite effect. If the Democrats arenít doing all this to stop Trumpís outrageous criminality and expose the massive corruption of this White House, why are they doing it at all?Ē


Devin Nunes, Russian puppet

This Buzzflash article was just mentioned by Thom Hartmann. Itís a good refresher course for the dark history of Devin Nunes, with a useful bit from Fiona Hillís testimony.

ďNunes, for his part, had his hand forced when he was alerted to the advance copy of Hillís testimony. As a result, he got his staff to quickly produce an April 28, 2018, House Intelligence Committee report, from when he was chairman, that he claimed showed that the Republicans acknowledged Russian election interference. Schiff had objected to the report at the time: "Their report, as with their overall conduct of the investigation, is unworthy of this committee, the House of Representatives, and most importantly, the American people, who are now left to try to discern what is true and what is not,"

Another watch live impeachment link

Democracy Now!

In case you missed Malcolm Nance on Morning Joe today-

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