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Gender: Do not display
Home country: USA
Current location: Florida
Member since: Sat Dec 17, 2016, 10:37 PM
Number of posts: 10,175

Journal Archives

A quick word or two about Antifa

You know, the boogeyman the rís dont understand n swear itís after them...

There is no organization called ďAntifaĒ
Antifa stands for anti-fascism
WWII veterans were Antifa b/c they fought fascism
Anyone who is against fascism is Antifa
There is no membership card
Anyone can be Antifa
Everyone should be Antifa

Hope that clears it up for em. Wouldnít want them to be uninformed

I'm not afraid of karma

Ya get what ya a give. Sheís sometimes slower than weíd like but.. she catches up.

A couple of threads on SS n the GOP scheme tonight

I found this as I get these in my email everyday.. I hadnít read it until just now. Hope it helps
hartmannreport.com The Daley Take is How to Fight the NewGOP Scheme To Kill SS n Medicare. Everyday he has a new report on this site.. lots on Medicare Advantage

Welp..I'm officially old...

Yesterdayís eye exam was not so good..canít get a prescription for contacts ..my cataracts are too bad.. SnL sucks..could not understand a word the special guest sang .. my mailbox is overflowing w/ Medicare offers..everyone calling me ďmíam ď .. my naps are what I look forward to n technology has left me damn near completely in the dust. Well..closer than that, actually. Every time I ask my niece, I see her eyes roll. Aggg... but, to tell the truth.. Iím happy 😊

Greetings from Fort Myers.

Just got my services up today n I sure have missed you, my Friends! Ian was the most horrific storm I have ever been in n Iíve been thru a few. I am safe n no damage to speak of, thankfully, but feel like a refugee, at times, b/c Iíve taken so many things for granted. Our water still needs boiled where I am but I HAVE water..some donít. Some donít have anything at all. Take good care of those you love is all I can say..Mother Nature can slap ya around some 🌺

Just watched part 1 of Ken Burns' documentary on PBS

The US and the Holocaust. I thought it was very well done although my jaw is tight. I see so many parallels from this history n what Is going on here today and Iím worried..just about scared. I am not naive to think it could never happen here when I see the people saluting like Nazis at the rally in Ohio just last night. I just donít understand why the powers to be canít nip this in the bud before itís too late. How much more evidence do we need to make the case of insurrection n those responsible? I have faith in our system but Iím afraid time is not on our side.

It's Labor Day Weekend

Lots of mattresses on sale n other stuff but not a word of why this is set aside for the labor of our country n to celebrate them. As a proud union member for over 30 years, our history is long and filled w/ wins n losses. Tears n blood. A few highlights..we all know of the Matewan coal mining d strike in WV but they finally recognized unions w/ the National Industrial Recovery Act 1933. Then, the United mine workers. The Breads n Roses strike in 1912. 1933 Frances Perkins becomes first woman secretary of labor..I could go on about Mother Jones who got active after her shop burned down. We have a strong history of human rights..equality..decent days pay for a dayís work. Today, health benefits, parental leave, and Iím preaching to the choir but they came at a cost. Buy a mattress or a Ďfridge but know this holiday is for all of us in the work force..union or not. We have a long history in solidarity, I say Happy Labor Day.. support your local unions n I thank you. ✊

Questions about the PPP loan forgiveness..

Who or what is responsible for forgiveness?
Is there a site that shows elected n their loan amounts n forgiveness amounts?
Why are they getting forgiveness?
Any way to rescind their forgiveness?

South Park 25th Anniversary show on Comedy Channel

Itís really good n a great distraction from the madness. I like South Park so Iím enjoying it.

How many endorsements from tfg have won tonight?

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