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Gender: Do not display
Home country: USA
Current location: Florida
Member since: Sat Dec 17, 2016, 09:37 PM
Number of posts: 9,356

Journal Archives

While Ukraine is being plummeted, our elected in Florida

Are debating what should be the official State Cake. Looks like Strawberry Short Cake is gonna be it n DeSantis is ready to sign. Iím gonna get an attitude adjustment n turn on South Park. Reality is too much for me tonight.

Has anyone heard from Glam?

Did a Russian sped skater gives a double middle finger salute?

And to whom was this directed? Did it have anything to do with the crises going on?

Happy Valentines ❤️

The hearts fund raiser is lots of fun and I thank you for thinking enough of me to send me all of mine. Iím actually surprised! Love to all my Du Valentines and Friends. 🙏

Don't forget the Puppy Bowl tomorrow

Puppy a Bowl n Kitty Bowl are so cute . A great escape to cuteness. 🐾

O, god.. it's always something.. and every day now

We need a strong democrat challenger

Today, on Sirus Deep Tracks

At around 4 or so..ET..Jim Ladd had a medley of artists honoring MLK. I never heard it before n tried YouTube n Google but..Iím no computer wizzo. I enjoyed it n would love to save it. Anyone else heard it?

Local news about the Tiger killed at the Naples Zoo

My jaws are tight so forgive me. Seems the man is in ďfairĒ condition n law enforcement considering charges. I should think. Petitions for it are making its rounds. There was no tranquilizer available so the Deputy shot the Tiger to save the manís life. The Tiger retreated but a drone showed he was not moving so a second shot to make sure. Weíre supposed to be the higher intelligence on the scale but.. we gotta ďmanageĒ our endangered wildlife for their own good. BS. How did they survive since forever w/o our assistance? Put em in cages where their instincts and natural life is restricted for our viewing. There are many here very upset about this as am I. I fully realize there are other pressing important issues these days but so is this. Iím so not happy.

Will we ever know who the 100 Congresspeople

Are that were recruited to support the 1.6 insurrection? Just wondering if I should make a call to my Rep or not.

Trans Siberian Orchestra is on loud tonight

I am not a religious person but I saw this show a few years ago..they were to be here last year but..Covid. My friend from Ohio just told me she bought tickets for family for the show..could she adopt me?! Just something about O, Holy Night that gets me.. lots of religious training when I was young but nothing gets me like this one this time of year. Itís a great show..unlike any Iíve been to. I love it that they have local Union n university musicians wherever they go. To say I was awestruck is an understatement..if you can, treat yourself to an evening of great music. 🌲
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